Valentine's Day Wines Available for Pickup

Two Seattle wine shops pick their loveliest bottles.

By Zoe Sayler

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No one wine has a monopoly on romance.

Whether you're a red-with-dinner loyalist or your date nights more frequently happen on a brewery patio surrounded by dogs, there's no time like Valentine's Day to uncork (or pop) a bottle of wine and exchange sweet nothings with the one you love.

We asked the folks at a couple of local wine shops to share their favorite picks just for the occasion.

These products are available on the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place. See our full selection of wine here.

Best Wine for Valentine's Day Dinner

Made by a family-run Champagne house near Épernay, France, (known as la capitale of the sparkling wine), Pike and Western Wine Shop owner Michael Teer recommends this bottle for the "beautiful full body, rich flavors, and smooth texture" that result from its distinctive emphasis on pinot meunier. "It is very easy to drink on its own," but Teer recommends pairing it with a meal of wild Chinook salmon or roast chicken. See more sparkling wine.


Best Valentine's Day–Themed Wines

This pair of organic wines hails from Château de L'Ou in Roussillon (by way of Francophile shop Princess and Bear Wines). For those who prefer their white wines sans bubble, the wine shop recommends L'Ove Blanc's "elegant apricot and peach aromas" and "wonderful minerality" (Food and Wine calls minerality "the umami of the wine world"), imparted by vinification in an egg-shaped, terra-cotta jar. See more white wine.

Another Séverine Bourrier wine benefiting from the natural currents of an egg-shaped vessel, L'Ove Rouge speaks to red-heads with "notes of violet and raspberry." See more red wine.


Best Wines to Pair with Chocolate

Princess and Bear's house label dry rosé "lights up the glass with delicate bubbles and subtle shades of cherry," and pairs best with salted chocolate (like this bar from Spinnaker). See more rosé.

Made with grapes from 100-year-old vines, Princess and Bear notes this red wine's scents of "herbal garrigue" (a term for Mediterranean Coast vegetation like lavender and rosemary), "toasted bread," and "robust raspberry and strawberry laced with sweet spices," further emphasized with a chocolate pairing. Put more simply: It's "a masterful wine." See more red wine.

This "seductive treat" from Princess and Bear brings Valentine's Day flavors to the table on its own: It's "lusciously scented" with maraschino, marzipan, candied red fruits, and, of course, bitter chocolate. But it's especially luxurious paired with cocoa, whose tannins have "astonishing similarities" to those of grenache. See our lineup of candy and chocolate.

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