10 Seattle Shops for Your Halloween Needs

These local costume dens and taxidermy havens prepare you for fright-night festivities.

By Zoe Sayler, Marisa Comeau-Kerege, and Courtney Cummings

Champion is Seattle's oldest party store—no bones about it.

Archie McPhee


From zombie horse masks to handerpants (underwear for your hands), monster-adorned clothing to skeleton scarves, this Wallingford shop has a little bit of everything to make you stand out this season. Which is to say that Archie McPhee is a Seattle staple for all things eccentric and impractical—a place for everything you never knew you didn’t need.

Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop


Need a two-headed taxidermic calf? How about some repurposed doll-head pots for your air plants? Owner Ryan Robbins opened the weird Ballard shop to bring together historically and culturally significant—but nonetheless entertaining—items. Somewhere between a museum and an antique shop, Ballyhoo’s goods are both freaky and handcrafted.

Champion Party Supply


Seattle’s longtime party central—seriously, it’s been here since the '30s—puts Party City and its ilk to shame. With aisles upon aisles of creepy decor designed to scare the neighbors into trying harder next year, plus a costume section impeccably organized into such oddly specific categories as “pirate,” “Ghostbusters,” and “skeletons,” we hope Champion sticks around for the next 85 years, at least.

Window shopping just got spookier at Gargoyles Statuary.

Gargoyles Statuary

University District

If you want to darken your decor, look no further. Ghoulish faces greet you at the door of this University District store, which is filled with candleholders, goblets, pendants, and—you guessed it—gargoyles. Self-described as Seattle’s source for all things pagan, mystical, and gothic, this shop turns any home into a year-round Halloween haven. 

The New York Xchange

Capitol Hill

A store not specifically for the season yet grimly festive yearlong, this newly expanded shop’s apparel ranges from black velvet overcoats to choker necklaces that blur the distinction between fashion and bondage. Halloween brings with it some more distinctly costumey (but still characteristically dark) fare—and staff ready to help style such horrors as Nightmare Clown and Creepy Doll.

Orange Dracula

Pike Place Market

Venture into the catacombs of Pike Place Market, if you dare: This “Woolworth’s for weirdos” celebrates Halloween’s campier side with kitschy decor, unique masks, and retro scream queen memorabilia aplenty. 

Pretty Parlor

Capitol Hill

Looking for something a little less creepy and a little more elegant? Craft a retro costume with this Summit Avenue shop’s vintage and vintage-inspired party dresses, fur capes, and kitten heels that’ll make you the best Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn at the party (and add a little old-school glam to your everyday wardrobe, too).

Trendy Wendy Boutique

Capitol Hill

Broadway’s year-round costume, rave, and party supply store gives you options—devil horns or sparkly cowboy hats or plain ol’ cat ears or a unicorn mini dress. Maybe you want something more along the lines of sultry sailor? You’ll find that too. 

Red Light Vintage and Costume

University District

Red Light advertises itself as Seattle’s biggest vintage clothing shop, and we haven’t seen anyone mount a convincing argument to the contrary. Come fall, the shop’s already robust selection of party-ready costumes (sexy Cinderella, anyone?) rivals its treasure trove of throwback fashions, making it a one-stop shop for the whole crew.

Vintage Costumers


Going all out for All Hallow's Eve doesn't have to involve a Rubbermaid container full of fake blood and polyester. Everett's Vintage Costumers (long located in Roosevelt) offers one-of-a-kind, historically minded rentals that transform wearers into period-appropriate cowboys, elaborate Draculas, and show-stopping showgirls for about the same price as chintzy garb you'd only wear once anyway. "You gotta realize that it's not Party City," says owner Arnie Grossinger; but if you're looking to clinch a Best Costume award, this is the place to go.

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