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Name a cooler bag. (We like this one.)

Image: Nordstrom

Washington’s statewide ban on single-use plastic bags went into effect October 1—and while Seattle proper’s been on the wave since we thought Mitt Romney was bad, this is the first time most east-siders and rural day-trippers will have to pack a tote or face an eight-cent fee. Here’s where to stock up locally and accomplish your goal of being the hottest, most environmentally conscious person at the grocery store.

Lotus Trolley Bag, Lotus Sustainables

$60 for four

This Virgo organized shopper’s dream set includes an insulated pack to keep your Molly Moon’s cool, pockets specially designed for eggs and wine (finally!), and removable rods that keep bags perched and ready for quick packing at the checkout line.

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Acme Local Capitol Hill Retro Rainbow Tote Bag, Standard Goods Local 


Show some neighborhood pride with this Standard Goods–exclusive canvas tote from Acme Local, a Kansas-based brand built to celebrate home—wherever that may be. Ballard and Capitol Hill

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Shoup Coupe, KAVU Local


Image: Kavu

Your elbows called, and they said they’re tired of carrying your groceries. This hybrid tote-backpack from Ballard-based outdoor company KAVU works for just about any Seattle adventure, from a quick trip for dinner ingredients to casual urban hiking to a remote-work coffee shop commute. Ballard

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Clean Forest Graphic Small Canvas Tote, REI Local


Image: REI

We’re suckers for a vintage-inspired graphic (and just about anything under $10). Various locations

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Tote Bag, Pipe and Row Local


Image: Pipe & Row

By far the biggest bag in the bunch, this otherwise subdued house-brand tote from a local favorite easily lugs heavy loads of light things: popcorn, bouquets, your conscience after cutting out single-use plastics. Fremont

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Baggu Standard Reusable Nylon Tote, Prism Local


Image: Prism Seattle

Truly the gold standard of fashionable carry-alls, Baggu’s classic waterproof bag is comfy to carry (plenty of armpit room), easy to store with or without the included five-inch square pack, and strong enough to hold all the awkward produce you can lift, making it an affordable go-to—while those trendy colorways make it fashion. Ballard

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Rugged Twill Tote Bag, Filson Local


Image: Filson

Filson’s sturdy, water-resistant tote is the PNW version of a designer bag. It’s not for those who lose lesser carriers to closets and car seats, rather it's for those who want something worth keeping forever. Various locations

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Béis Mesh Cooler Tote, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

A little less “bring home a week’s worth of food for your family of four,” a little more “head straight from PCC to the party,” this compact tote’s got a cooler compartment on the bottom. Smart: Chilling six-packs are the perfect pedestals for chips and dip. Various locations

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Tote Bag, Addo Local


Image: Addo

This impressively sturdy option from Ballard restaurant Addo speaks for itself—and it can’t stop talking about plantains. Ballard

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Gita, Piaggio Fast Forward


OK, so this is pretty out there, and also 100 percent not a bag. Gita’s a robot that tags along on walking trips like a shockingly helpful and strong little sibling—and as Piaggio Fast Forward’s marketing team clearly noticed, Seattle’s a pretty walkable city full of techies who tend to lose it for this kind of thing. Hard to blame them. If you can afford to have a little robot friend carry dinner home for you, why not?

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