Bring the Drama This Leo Season with These Local Gifts

A really good party is written in the stars.

By Zoe Sayler

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Celebrate a Leo today.

Wait, Seattle Met’s doing astrology now? Yep, Seattle Met’s doing astrology now. We recognize that it’s not everyone’s thing. But we also know firsthand just how much you can learn about a person from how they feel about their own birth chart. And if someone you know feels like a total Leo, that makes them a hell of a lot easier to buy gifts for: They’re the life of the party, a sucker for drama, a connoisseur of everything that makes the quotidian a little less everyday.

Does being born between July 22 and August 22 really mean they’d prefer a rhinestone bag to a leather one? Jury’s out. Either way, there’s pride in being a Leo.

Wolf Circus Sun Charm Necklace in Gold, Prism Seattle Local


Image: Prism Seattle

In astrology, most every sign has a ruling planet: Capricorn gets Saturn, Aquarius gets Uranus (better luck next time). Leos get a ruling star, our solar system’s very own sun. The world revolving around them is simply canon.

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Phoenix Rosehip Anti-Aging Face Oil, Herbivore Botanicals Local


As long as you’re sure to make it clear that your Leo doesn’t need any anti-aging skincare, they’ll appreciate this fiery addition to their countertop beauty shrine.

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Jimmy Choo Aveline Bow Ankle Strap Sandal, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

As zodiac royalty, Leos are preoccupied with being adored (they’d hate to get Marie Antoinetted off the throne). If going all-out for a gift is in your wheelhouse, no one will appreciate the gesture like a Leo. Especially if the gesture has asymmetric hot pink tulle bows.

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Massive Extrovert Keychain, Alair Seattle Local


Image: Alair Seattle

Not every Leo considers themselves a massive extrovert, but the ones who do are damn proud of it—and the ones who don’t probably at least have an extroverted side they bring out for the right audience.

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Two-Piece Glass Chambong Set, Chambong Local


Image: Chambong

Seattle’s greatest cultural export screams Leo: It’s a great time at parties. The champagne of beer bongs fulfills this sign’s need to steal the spotlight (in, like, a classy way).

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Happy Birthday Candle, Good and Well Supply Co. Local


Being a sign obsessed with both parties and themselves, Leos love their birthday more than most self-respecting adults. Let them bask in that glory a little longer with a sprinkle-topped candle from Ballard-based Good and Well Supply Co.

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Lava Naomi Workout Dress, Girlfriend Collective Local

$62 $88

Plain black leggings are great at the gym—on days when you’re not actively searching for compliments. (A foreign concept for this sun sign.) Enter: a lava-inspired take on the exercise dress from Girlfriend Collective. As Leos will happily inform admirers, “It’s local!”

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Cult Gaia Mini Hera Rhinestone Shoulder Bag, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

Cult Gaia brings fashion cred to a bag that could be misconstrued by less enlightened signs as a little obnoxious. What’s obnoxious about a portable disco ball you can carry your phone in?

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Flame Claw in Glass, Chunks Local


Image: Chunks

Chunks recently posted its own sign product pairings, and we couldn’t agree more with the Leo pick—a variation on their flame claw made even bigger and brighter. “She's starring in her school production of Little Shop of Horrors,” the product description reads. Sounds about right.

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14K Gold Single Initial Earring, Valerie Madison Local


Me me me me me me me. Music to a Leo’s ears.

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