Lord of the Rains

Never Come In: Seattle's Best Rainwear for Diehard Puddle Jumpers

From color-changing umbrellas to parent-friendly magnet closures, here's our favorite Seattle-sold rainwear for kids.

By Brian Olson

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Save on growing pains with rain pants built to fit kids through various stages.

With the city's 156 days of rain per year, Seattle clothing companies know what's up when it comes to downpours—including how to dress our kids that love to play in it. Here's some of our favorite local gear for little puddle jumpers. 

These products were chosen by our editorial team from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city’s first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place.

Classic googly-eyed frog boots scoot through puddles and make little feet come to life. Strong lateral loops inspire self-dressing when the clouds burst. Plus, a cotton lining means more comfort for little feet. Don't forget the matching coat and umbrella for rain-frolicking fun.  

Every little bit helps when it comes to dressing growing kids: Adjustable for ages 8 to 16 years and built to last, these Grundéns pants are made from lightweight polyester that's coated in polyurethane and 100 percent waterproof. 

Playing hard in non-breathable rainwear is a recipe for sweaty kids. Keep them dry (and, dare we say it, fashionable) with three layers of breathable, durable material made to be handed down.

Grundéns is best known among sailors and fishing pros, but the same water-wicking technology applies to adventurous children, too. This sea-tough rain jacket performs well at the playground or park on Seattle's rainiest days with no PVC, AZO dyes, or other unhealthy materials to boot. Also available in Zenith Orange

Serious downpours—or beach and boat fun on the Sound—warrant the full rain-suit option for toddlers. And they stay dry inside when it's suddenly time to go in, thanks to waterproof zippers that pull smoothly, even with cold, wet fingers. Made from vegan materials and with reflective piping for optimal safety, the suit offers full protection from wind, too. 

Like a cozy umbrella for little heads, this cap is the perfect protection for a rainyish (they're often -ish!) day on Alki. A deep brim keeps even blowing rain out, and an elastic top keeps the breathable, wind- and waterproof hat on snug. 

Perfect for light rain and heavy on style, Western Chief's water-resistant tennies are a kid's go-to for a day at the beach or traipsing through soggy PNW flora. A lycra upper keeps out moisture, and a toe-bump outsole protects from stubbing on a wet log. Choose from several colors

"Look at the color of your umbrella now, buddy!" Moisture transforms trees, flowers, and rainbows into different colors as the raindrops hit for less "rain, rain go away" and more magic. Colors and themes abound. 

Buttoning and zipping squirmy wee ones into rainwear can eat up hours of the day. With magnets instead of zips, this coat helps kids do it on their own as parents whip up hot chocolate (or finally get to page two in that novel). Super-soft cotton insulation feels cozy against the skin. 

Any rainy toddler outing requires extra clothes, snacks, gear, and a dry place to carry them all. This roomy Wet Bag from Bootyland Kids carries easily in one hand, and, at 12-by-12 inches, fits in strollers or other bags to keep wet clothes away from dry stuff.  

Even dressing kiddo head to toe in raingear doesn't seem to keep the feet dry. Come prepared with a spare pair of socks (built for ages one to three)—and maybe a pair for big kids like you, too.

"Five more minutes, please," sayeth the wee puddle fiend. You'll need something enticing to go home to. Complement a day of play in the Emerald City with Sunday Rain, a gorgeously illustrated read where Elliott, who recently moved to a new house, overcomes shyness to join local friends for puddle-jumping fun. 



Our Picks from Other Retailers

Seattle scores big enough on the downpour charts to warrant an eponymous kids' rain hat. Outdoor Research earned awards from Backpacker Magazine thanks to a sweat-wicking lining and a broad brim that keeps rain from the face and neck. Go with OR's deeper-brimmed hat for extra protection. 

OR's Trail Mix gloves are the perfect attire for poking at worms and stirring mud-puddle stew—they're tough as the pavement (where many puddle ecosystems reside), and dry out quickly. Try the mitten version for fidgety little fingers. 

Pant leg cuffs tend to absorb moisture and—rain boots or no—send it straight to socks to soak little toes. OR's low gaiters are the perfect lightweight option when moist weather isn't quite enough to warrant rain pants or boots, but feet still need to stay dry. 

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