Brighten Up Your Home with This Local Decor

From literal lamps to sunny designs, here's how to say goodbye to the Big Dark in style.

By Zoe Sayler

The products listed here were selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

These Fruitsuper bookends make your home library pop.

Image: Fruitsuper

Little peeks of sunshine may have us looking longingly at our gardens and balconies, but we're far from neglecting the great indoors. Whether you're looking to fill some space after a spring cleaning extravaganza or just want an excuse to revamp (or buy a new lamp), here are some of our favorite home products of the season.

These products were chosen by our editorial team from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city’s first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place.

Bring a little light, some vivid color, and a seriously iconic design wherever you need it—even outside, temporarily—with this portable, rechargeable table lamp. Ideal for small spaces where surface space is precious. 

You still get print magazines...right? Available in four colorways ranging from bright to neutral, this minimalist print rack embraces their natural bend and stores them in style.

For a multipurpose piece that looks gorgeous in any function, pick Jennifer Fujimoto's low-contrast, handmade vase—which, once the flowers have to go, transitions seamlessly into a bottle for serving sake.

Who needs yard space or a hearth for a little fiery ambiance? A personal fireplace warms your space, indoors or out—and it works for roasting marshmallows, too.

We love having a simple white vase on hand to display flowers in all their colorful glory. This one also brings some flair of its own.

Don't neglect your home's first impression: Make your entryway feel purposeful, rather than just transitional, with an industrial wood bench.

Floor lamps like this bulbous vintage number are a great way to play with unexpected shapes. They call attention to themselves by nature, but they won't dominate an otherwise subdued room. 

Think of the ending of your favorite book—and then give your whole collection the same attention with some modern, bright bookends that pop, but don't distract from the true stars of the shelf.

Finally, a key-hanging apparatus (slash-mail-holder-slash-plant-display) that doesn't look lonely when it's devoid of items to hold.

Feel good every time you pillow-chop this sunny handwoven pillowcase (insert not included), made from fabric scraps by a company dedicated to low-waste manufacturing.

It's time to stop losing your ring on the nightstand and your keys god-knows-where. This little dish carries more than its weight in gold (or sterling silver, whatever floats your boat).

If the still-life fruit bowl were painted for the first time in 2023, we'd like this multicolor beaded basket from local artist Anna Learns Things to be involved. But it's not just for elevating bananas: Use it for plants, storing some prized accessories, or as a centerpiece in its own right.

Give the timeless-but-trendy grid pattern a central place in your home design with this hand-woven, earth-tone rug (pink is a neutral, right?). It's the ideal size for a large entryway or home office.

Seattle fragrance brand Antica Farmacista's new spring aperol spritz scent, packaged in a clear crystal diffuser, livens up a room in two senses. 

Its unique abstract shape makes this vase an objet d'art as much as a vessel. 

Playful pieces for the home don't have to be bright and flashy. These tongue-in-cheek leather coasters feature illustrate the wild-ish nights one might expect from someone with the wherewithal to avoid water rings, and they blend right in with a neutral color palette.

Lucite furniture has an illustrious history well beyond '80s cocaine decor (though that's cool, too). German sculptor Knut Hesterberg's iconic propellor coffee table is a prime example—and proof that midcentury design influence extends well beyond teak.

It's tempting to let the kitchen counter become a place where practicality reigns over aesthetic, but you can totally have both. This set includes hand soap, lotion, dish soap, and a wood-handle scrub brush, all displayed on a marble-and-brass tray that looks great in any room.

What other lamp was made with "the phosphorescent envelope found around stars" in mind? Pick this cymbal-esque Graypants lamp for a tabletop look that's unexpected and seriously stellar. 

A little plant goes a long way toward making a space feel fresh. A big plant goes even further. The fiddle leaf fig is a popular pick for well-appointed interiors for a reason: a little love and care will help it grow into a serious living statement piece.



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