Our Favorite Gifts for Teachers

Here are some ways to recognize the educators in your life.

By Zoe Sayler

The products listed here were selected by a member of the editorial staff. Should you choose to purchase a product through a link on this page, we may receive an affiliate commission.

On anY GIVEN day, teachers prepare students for the future, comfort them in the moment, and lead the crusade for a better, more compassionate world, one kid at a time. They deserve some serious societal recognition. 

Let's start with a really nice gift.

Most of these products were chosen by our editorial staff from the Shops at Seattle Met, the city's first online marketplace bringing the best local businesses together in one place

Designed by Bellingham-based artist Phoebe Wahl, this whimsical, gnome-adorned mug feels both childlike (your kid will love presenting it) and genuinely stylish.

If we could gift every teacher in the world the miraculous gift of getting plenty of rest, we would. A pretty bag of coffee from a local roaster is the next best thing.

The amount of hand sanitizer teachers use in a post-2020 world can verge on otherworldly. This floral sanitizer turns the automatic routine into a sweet-smelling moment (and won't leave hands dry and cracked).

A plant for teacher's desktop or windowsill helps breathe life into a classroom—we think this pencil-inspired pink-and-yellow combo is especially fun, but any petite plant-pot duo you and your kiddo pick will be a hit.

Recognize the excitement that summer brings for a hard-working teacher with this Seattle summer–inspired blend of sage, lavender, and lemon. And support a very cool WOC-owned local business while you're at it.

Help a teacher keep track of the little things in a chaotic classroom with this sweet, handmade trinket dish from local artist Jennifer Fujimoto.

Sweet-and-salty chocolate-covered pretzels from this Mercer Island confectionery satisfy every craving. Pick the 10- or 18-count packs for a gift-worthy setup in seasonal colors.

It's tough for any busy human to remember to take time to care for themselves—let alone someone tasked with caring for so many others. This water bottle from Wallingford-based Miir serves as a sleek, long-lasting reminder (and a great repository for stickers, if they're so inclined—see below).

Bills attacking LGBTQ educators abound nationwide. There's never been a better, or more important time to show your support for the teachers proudly and bravely setting an example for Seattle's youth.

Give their daily oat milk latte a run for its money with this vegan, oat-milk-chocolate bar from an award-winning local chocolatier. 

These hand-beaded apple earrings from Seattle-based Anna Learns Things are way sweeter than leaving a Granny Smith on their desk. Especially ideal for the Ms. Frizzle type.

Cute lunch boxes aren't just for the little ones. Durable waxed cotton canvas in an array of bright (but sophisticated) colors makes this bag feel like the grown-up equivalent of a Paw Patrol pail.



Gift Cards

Let's be honest—teachers deserve to be paid more. Like, way more. Consider helping them get whatever it is they might need with a gift card. (It's also an ideal last-minute gift.)




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