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There's nothing like seeing a kid get super jazzed about your gift in particular. But with some in the balance bike phase and others baking up a James Beard award, 'tis also easier said than done. Here are 10 mostly local gifts for little ones of all ages to get you started.

Strider 12 Sport Kids' Balance Bike, REI Local


Image: REI

In case you haven't heard: Balance bikes are the new training wheels because, per REI, "children learn the most important component to riding a bike safely: balance." Go figure. This model is suitable for kids as young as 18 months.

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Toniebox Starter Set, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

Step away from the iPad. This cute little box lets kids pick their own Disney music, spooky stories, and more by changing out the characters on top—no screen required.

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Fruity Bracelet, Boma Local


Image: Boma

Remember that piece of jewelry you got from your aunt, grandpa, or cool family friend and proceeded to cherish forever? Bracelets (or earrings, or necklaces) from this longtime Seattle-based jewelry company are that.

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Ravensburger Disney Villainous Game, Amazon

$28 $40

Image: Amazon

Designed in Capitol Hill by board-game giant Ravensburger, Disney Villainous won the Toy Foundation's Game of the Year award in 2019. Moody tweens and misunderstood Disney villains just click.

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Magical Pink Rody Unicorn, Snapdoodle Toys Local


Kids have loved bouncy toys from time immemorial. This is the hoppity hop, all glowed up.

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Youth Seattle Kraken Custom Jersey, NHL Shop


Image: NHL Shop

The Kraken has been released. The Kraken Community Iceplex is calling to every child within a 100-mile radius. And the purchaser of a future hockey player's first custom jersey gets special privilege while bragging "I knew them when."

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Ice Cream Run Mega Set, Super Smalls


Image: Super Smalls

This is the stuff dress-up dreams are made of. Super Smalls' costume accessories somehow manage to be gaudy enough for the most dramatic young fashion icon and cute enough for the most minimalist parent to smile when said icon insists on throwing them on for an ice cream run (or a movie, or a lunch date).  

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Plan Toys DJ Mixer Board, Bootyland Local


Image: Plan Toys

Parents will thank you for getting a gift that's so much quieter than a drum set. But this adorable mixer board isn't just musical make-believe: sliding "volume" controls and rotating discs also help younger kids practice their fine motor skills. 

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Mr. Sogs Alley Cat Plush, Handmade Showroom Local


Stuffed animals are an obvious choice for little ones. Some, like this washable alley cat handmade in Woodinville, are more obvious than others.

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Bake Away by Hasana Vij, Book Larder Local


Image: Book Larder

Written by a Seattle-area teen raising money for No Kid Hungry and featuring locally inspired recipes like the U District chai-infused cake, Bake Away is a feel-good pick for aspiring Great British Bake Off contestants and older kids who understand the power of a good cause.

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