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6 Local Mother’s Day Gifts from Seattle Boutiques

Mom deserves more than brunch. Here are some ideas from the folks behind our favorite shops.

By Chelsea Lin

This air plant's in good company at Pacific Place's Handmade Showroom.

Your mom spent 18+ years washing your laundry, flipping your pancakes, listening to your endless complaints, and singing your praises—in other words, showing up. This Mother's Day, make sure you do, too, in the form of a gift more unique than french toast and a candle set.

To find the best ideas, we went straight to the source, asking the folks behind some of our favorite local boutiques what they would buy for the mothers in their lives. And if your mother is estranged, gone, or otherwise leaving you with mixed emotions on this day, know you're not alone. As it turns out, these items make pretty great self-care gifts as well.

The Handmade Showroom

"For me, this Mother's Day is all about finding something to make her smile. At the top of my list is this hedgehog and mushroom bowl by ceramic artist Tasha McKelvey. It's just the cutest! It even includes a small air plant that is easy to care for so it will be a really fun gift that I know will bring some cheer to her day. The hardest part—choosing which color she'll like the best." –Marlo Miyashiro, co-owner and managing director

Watson Kennedy Fine Home

"Our care packages have been such a huge hit this past year. We have been shipping them around the globe. I handpick favorites and do several each month or for special occasions, like Mother’s Day. This one is my all-time favorite, which includes our new WK orange handled tote along with beloved goods that I know will make mom smile. Big."—Ted Kennedy Watson, owner

Image: Alair


"I am getting my mom an Alair Subscription Box! She lives in Ohio and I haven’t seen her in two years now, and the subscription box gets delivered monthly. It’s filled with fun things from small makers based in Seattle, and I want her to get a monthly reminder that I love her until I get to see her again."—Shandon Graybeal, owner

Eighth Generation

"Our Silver Cedar Bough jewelry would be the perfect gifts for any motherly figure in a person's life. The cedar tree plays a prominent role in the tradition of Native cultures in this region, providing the basis for shelter, clothing, art and ceremony. Eighth Generation's delicate cedar bough, cast in silver in the Seattle area, is intended to be a gentle reminder that all people are connected to the land."—Natasha Rudolph, communication specialist

Image: Venue


"I picked out this vase from local pottery artist Ariana Heinzman. Her vases are so vibrant and colorful, they just make you happy whether they are full of flowers or not. My mom loves flowers and spends nearly every day tending to the flowers in her garden, which may have a lot to do with why she's still going strong at 92 years old! Although she has a variety of vases, I can see this being her new favorite."—Diane Macrae, owner

Click! Design That Fits

"I’m very into giving local art as gifts and love the idea of a twist to the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers. Last year I made my Mom a set of tiny silver flowers in a tiny silver vase and have been thinking of ways to expand on that theme this year. Something like this surreal Flower Fields Forever by local artist Naomi Amber Dawn that is a sweet reminder of our trips to the Tulip Festival when I was growing up. Or one of Chelsea Garrow’s pressed floral art pieces."—Adia Bobo, long-time store manager

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