Haven't Hosted a Holiday Party in Years? Try This Local Gear

Up your Thanksgiving game with these must-haves (and really-wants), available for pickup in and around Seattle.

By Zoe Sayler November 22, 2022

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These coasters from Moop are a tribute to loosening up a little.

Image: Moop

Holidays haven't been normal in ages (will they ever be?). If you've been tasked with hosting this year for the first time or the first time in a while, you might be missing a few must-haves—like these turkey-making tools, or some of the recommendations on this list. We're sure your New York Times–reading guests will have the Tupperware and Tide to Go pens covered, though.

Products with an “Add to Cart” option are available for purchase through The Shops at Seattle Met. Looking for more last-minute holiday essentials? Check out our selection of festive tableware, kitchen tools, and party host gifts—many of which are available for local pickup.

Plus-Plus Basic 70-Piece Building Block Tube, Clover Toys Local

Counting some little ones among your dinner guests? These versatile—and affordable—building blocks will serve as a welcome diversion for pretty much anyone over five years old, some adults included. For a slightly younger crowd, this mini construction block set ($12) is also a good choice.

Monikers, Mox Boarding House Local

Based on the classic party game Celebrity, Monikers keeps the whole crew occupied for several rounds of complex character-based charades. Each card has a short descriptive bio for those without encyclopedias for brains, and will be equally appreciated by pop culture fiends (Drunk Jeff Goldblum), history buffs (Catherine the Great's Horse), and, surprisingly, hockey fans. Release your best Kraken impression posthaste.

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Vintage Midcentury Wooden Shelving Bar Cart, Big Whale Consignment Local

Countertop space is impossibly precious inventory throughout Thanksgiving day. Keep excess cooks out of the kitchen by providing guests a second space for drink mixing. Clocking in at 16 inches deep and 24 inches wide, this little vintage bar cart can nestle in just about anywhere.

Marya White Square Napkin Ring, Terra Bella Local

Save the swans for next year—there's not much time to become an expert napkin folder. Instead, nab these napkin rings from longtime Mercer Island–based kitchen shop Terra Bella for pretty, presentable linens without all the YouTube tutorials. 

Estelle Colored Glass Set of Six Wine Glasses, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

The sisters-not-sextuplets approach to wine serving (also known as using the mismatched glasses you already have) strikes us as perfectly acceptable. So does using this occasion as an excuse to finally shell out for that beautiful set you've always had your eye on. If your Nordstrom wish list looks anything like ours, it's dotted with gem-toned beauties from Black-owned, hand-blown stemware company Estelle Colored Glass.

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Light Up Candle Holders, Fruitsuper Local

Unless you've been blessed with a Hogwarts dining hall–worthy behemoth of a dinner table, low-profile decorations are the way to go—if you're making a choice between a monster centerpiece and easy access to the mashed potatoes, pick the mashed potatoes every time. These four-inch, solid aluminum candle holders fit the bill. Plus, they're reversible, so as to accommodate either tea or taper candles ($18). 

10-Cup Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker, Pilgrim Coffeehouse Local


When your family starts clamoring for coffee to accompany their dessert—this is Seattle, after all—you don't want to be caught with nothing more than a single-cup dripper and a dream. North Seattle's Pilgrim Coffeehouse stocks Chemex's simple-but-snob-approved 10-cup contraption with three different colors of leather adornment. (If you need filters, pop by the Pike Place Market Sur la Table; they've got the eight-cup version, too).

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Four-Pack of Drinking Coasters, Moop Local

You know which of your surfaces prove impervious to stains (and, potentially, nuclear fallout). Your guests do not. Avoid dance chaperone levels of anxious hovering by pointedly placing coasters on your fragile furnishings. This vegan leather set, stamped with amusingly debaucherous scenes, also provides a cute conversation starter. Try these natural fiber coasters ($45) if you'd like something a little simpler.

Set of Six Vintage Danish Midcentury Modern Dining Chairs, Big Whale Consignment Local

These emerald green, midcentury dining chairs from esteemed Danish designer Niels Otto Møller clearly represent an investment that extends far beyond the holiday season. But if you're in the market for a new set, there's no time like...a couple days before you'll welcome a dozen more guests than usual. We're all for a little fruitful procrastination.

Pitted Moroccan Picholine Olives, Villa Jerada Local

Definitely get the grocery store pitted black olives for little kids to pop on their fingertips—it's cheap entertainment. But for more discerning palates (or undiscerning palates who just like to get fancy) these citrusy, garlicky olives from the Moroccan and Levantine pantry beloved by local chefs make a great table snack.

Hawthorne Cocktail Shaker Set, CB2


Image: CB2

No home bar is complete without a cocktail shaker. This especially flashy polished steel number, available for pickup at the U Village CB2, comes with the added bonus of six matching shot glasses, in case tequila is on the menu—or you just want to subtly encourage your guests to measure their drinks.

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Particle Goods Ember Metal Jar Candle, Freeman Seattle Local

Much of the house will come pre-scented by stuffing and pie. But don't forget to provide a little extra assistance in areas like the bathroom (a cute box of decorative matches ($13) couldn't hurt, either). We appreciate Seattle-based Particle Goods' festive inclusion of thyme, the unofficial patron herb of Thanksgiving.

Set of Four White Linen Napkins, Flora and Henri Local

The quilted quicker picker-upper may look a little out of place among your Good Dishes. For a more formal meal, it's worth opting into eminently classy, restaurant-ready white linen napkins; they'll also prove useful if you wind up entertaining frequently. This set's available in navy ($80), too, in case the thought of cranberry sauce stains makes you cringe.

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