Last-Minute Tools You Need for the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Procrastinators, meet in-store pickup.

By Zoe Sayler November 21, 2022

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Make the whole thing go smoothly, from start to leftovers.

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and you just realized you forgot to get a baster or a new carving knife—or, god forbid, the entire roasting pan. So long as you do, in fact, remember to nab a bird (and a worthy outfit for the occasion), these pickup-ready options have you covered.

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Viking Hard Anodized Nonstick Roaster, Terra Bella Local

Thanksgiving faux pas number one—besides bringing up the midterm elections in the buffet line—is making it too far into November without nabbing a heavy-duty roaster. If you’ve got a hen with any heft, using one of those last-minute disposable options will feel like mashing potatoes with a toddler fork. This one has you covered up to 25 pounds and comes with a roasting rack and the tools you need for carving.

Shun Multi-Purpose Shears, Sur La Table Local

$54.95 $69.00

Image: Sur la Table

Shears are essential for certain methods of turkey prep, like spatchcocking. This pair (on sale!) is available for pickup at Sur La Table's Pike Place Market and Kirkland locations; reviewers remark on its longevity and impressive performance on notoriously difficult-to-cut materials—plus, the blades come apart for cleaning.

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Turkey Stuffing Bags, Terra Bella Local

These mesh bags allow your stuffing to soak up flavor from the turkey juices (there has to be a less disturbing way to say that) while making the removal process less, ahem, graphic. And for seasoned chefs unbothered by the prospect of digging bread out of a bird: This way, you won’t waste any of the good stuff.

Pro Leave-In Meat Thermometer, Terra Bella Local

It’s a simple rule, but an important one: Don’t undercook the bird. This thermometer stays in while you cook, so you don't have to open the oven door quite as often (it lets out the heat, which can cost crucial minutes of your already frantic schedule). 

Bilbao 17-Inch Platter, Terra Bella Local

What a shame it would be to cook a great turkey but neglect the platter you'll serve it on. This oval-shaped, ceramic serving plate should fit the bird and some decorative accoutrements, and is simple enough to give them the spotlight. The real kicker? It's dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel Basting Brush, Sur La Table Local


Image: Sur la Table

Basting is one of the choose-your-own-adventure elements of cooking a turkey. Some avoid the process entirely; those intent on perfecting their presentation have a choice between brush and baster. The former provides a bit more control, and makes itself doubly useful when summertime barbecues roll around.

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Wusthof Carving Knife, Terra Bella Local

You'd probably be fine using whatever knives you've got in the kitchen, but a knife made specifically for carving makes for a cleaner cut and better maneuverability. Wusthof knives in particular frequently find themselves atop best-of lists: Beloved Seattle home cook J. Kenji López-Alt gave this model the best carving knife title in Serious Eats' ranking.

Regency Natural Chef-Grade Cooking Twine, Sur La Table Local


Image: Sur la Table

Ensure the twine you use to truss the turkey is oven-safe by using a variety made for cooking. Wondering when you'll use it in the future? Cooking twine, also known as butcher's twine, is also useful for drying herbs, making (smaller) stuffed meat dishes, and evenly cooking irregularly shaped roasts.

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Baster with Cleaning Brush, Terra Bella Local

The debate between brush and baster continues: Classic basters manage to suction up more juice, making the process a bit quicker (so you have free time to, you know, cook the rest of the meal). This one also comes with a crucial cleaning brush.

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