What's a PNW Guy to Wear on Thanksgiving?

Fancy pants, who? These Thanksgiving looks keep things sharp but casual.

By Zoe Sayler November 18, 2022

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Hint: Not a puffy coat.

Here in Seattle, we aren't frequently presented with reasons to dress up—which means that, with less than a week to go before Thanksgiving, you may be scrambling to find a nice pair of post–2000s pants, or a button-up you haven't already worn out on Zoom calls. The good news: Many of these options are available for in-person pickup. Godspeed.

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Switch Reversible Suede Jacket, Luly Yang Local

Wear the same jacket to all your holiday celebrations without catching so much as a second glance from the fashion police. This relaxed, gender-neutral jacket from famed local designer Luly Yang (who also designed Alaska Airlines' flight crew uniforms, in case you need to dispense a dinnertime fun fact) switches effortlessly between olive green suede and chocolate brown leather. 

Brushed Wool Cable-Knit Sweater, J.Crew


Image: J.Crew

Burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and all manners of earth tones are Thanksgiving classics for a reason—but don't overlook the outfit-brightening powers of pastels, like this sky-blue cable-knit from J.Crew (known for its impressive sales, especially at this time of year). Pair it with black for a standout fit—an oversized one would look great with the Stussy cords below—or nestle it among softer neutrals for a pop of color.

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Jackman Stretch Trousers, Freeman Seattle Local 

Togetherness. Expressing gratitude. And eating as much as humanly possible. If these holiday tenets resonate, so will the yearly search for a presentable outfit that offers adequate stretch. No need to let out the belt with this pair from Japanese clothing brand Jackman, which offers an elasticized waist (with optional belt loops) and a knit fabric that easily passes for bona fide trouser material. Nobody's gonna know.

Alaskan Guide Shirt, Filson Local


Image: Filson

Dress shirts might only see the light of day once or twice a year in the casual Pacific Northwest. But a classy Filson button-down that's equally at home by our white tablecloths as it is our blue tarps? That's an investment worth making. And as our intrepid correspondents to this year's Bellevue Fashion Week noted, teal is officially a fall color. 

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Foxes Motif Silk Tie, Flora and Henri Local 

The time my dad accidentally bought a $100-plus tie has become the stuff of family legends—not least because he quickly discovered that he'd got his money's worth. Whether you're frequently adorning your collar or break out the tie just for special occasions, this handmade silk number in an autumnal chestnut colorway makes for a surprisingly functional statement piece.

Billy Reid Plaid Wool Sport Coat, Nordstrom Local


Image: Nordstrom

Even more formal Thanksgiving events—i.e. traveling to visit the in-laws in New England—call for seasonal warmth and texture you won't get from the average sport coat. With a wool outer in low-contrast plaid, this jacket feels cozy and festive, but versatile enough to wear for any cold-weather event that calls for a little extra finesse.

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Extreme Cashmere Claim Harissa, Flora and Henri Local

Easily dressed up with slacks and a peacoat or down with jeans and a flannel, machine-washable on delicate, and in a warm, flatters-everyone red to boot—we're not saying that everyone needs a gorgeous cashmere sweater, but if it's in the cards, it'll quickly become a staple piece. Note that this comes in a loose, one-size "comfort fit," but is meant to work for most bodies—more measurements available here

Helm the Hollis Boot, Wayward Local

Dress shoes? You mean the clean Blundstones? Loafers and oxfords aren't the only game in town when it comes to special-occasion footwear—especially for Thanksgiving, when squelchy grass, piles of leaves, and the general autumn aura practically beg for more substantial shoes. Maine-made Helm boots are beloved by men's fashion writers for their classic silhouettes, durability, and penchant for improving with age.

Beams Plus Heavy Melton Hunting Coat in Navy, Blue Owl Workshop Local


Avoid one of the PNW holiday season's most frequent blunders: perfecting a dressy outfit, only to realize that all of your outerwear is made with Gore-Tex. We consider a sharp coat a must, even in these laid-back climes. Beams Plus brings substance and style with this heavy wool jacket that's a bit more easygoing than most topcoats, with subtle details like button-cinch cuffs and handwarmer pockets in barely there navy blue.

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Tanner Goods Dress Belt, Wayward Local

This is one formal occasion where belts are totally optional, but if competitive eating isn't on your Thanksgiving agenda, this dress belt from Portland-based Tanner Goods will immediately elevate a simple jeans-and-button-up look. Choose between a nickel and brass buckle—we like brass for a little unexpected luster—and take a cue from the Portland leatherworker's copywriter: "Casual is our default setting, but that doesn't mean we can't clean up well when we need to."

Stussy Corduroy Big Ol' Jeans, Likelihood Local


Image: Likelihood

Corduroy has been making casual pants just a little fancier since time immemorial; now, in a trendy, super-relaxed fit from skate-adjacent brand Stussy, it's making fancy pants feel extremely 2022. These pair great with a similarly oversized sweater, and are also available in baby pink for an even more distinct look. Parents of teens, take note.

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