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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations from Local Wine Shops

In case of emergency, break out the glasses.

By Spencer Brown November 23, 2022

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Thanksgiving can be a stressful time: So many dishes to prep, ingredients to buy, and guests to entertain. The last thing you need to slip through the cracks is the wine selection. Whether you need something to pair with the main bird or something to dull the senses during a particularly tense dinner conversation, there are wines aplenty suited for the job.

Products with an “Add to Cart” option are available for purchase through The Shops at Seattle Met and may be available for local pickup (we see you, procrastinators). Looking for more wines? Check out our other options—many of which are available for local pickup.


Grenache Boushey Vineyard 2019, Damsel Cellars Local


Coming from a restaurant background, Mari Womack, owner and winemaker at Damsel Cellars, loves food and wine pairings. “For Thanksgiving, I tend to drink lighter-bodied red wine. The bright red fruit notes of the grenache with a hint of ginger and spice are a lovely companion if you enjoy your turkey with cranberry sauce, savory fall side dishes, and winter salads.” 

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Domaine Girard Pinot Noir Pech Calvel 2020, The Princess and the Bear Local

Ioana Cosmina Bucur and Carol Bailey from the Princess and the Bear love this wine because of its mouthfeel laced with raspberry, strawberry, and cherry aromas with a hint of oak. “We chose this wine because it will be delicious with a Thanksgiving meal, pairing perfectly with cranberry sauce, and light enough for white meat. It would also be perfect with vegetarian meat alternatives mixed with dried fruits and nuts.” 

"The Fates" GSM Boushey Vineyard 2019, Damsel Cellars Local


“The Fates” is a GSM blend (grenache, syrah, mourvèdre), which, according to Damsel's owner and winemaker Mari Womack, mixes together to bring a fuller mouthfeel that pairs well with a variety of dishes. “The peppery spice and dark berry notes complement herby stuffing, sweet potato pie, and the fattier thigh and leg meat from your bird.” 

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Evesham Wood Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2021, Pike and Western Wine Shop Local


To Michael Teer from Pike and Western Wine Shop there is one local classic for Thanksgiving: Oregon pinot noir. And this pick shows it's not all about picking the most expensive bottle. Evesham Wood believes in a "small is beautiful" approach to wine. “Evesham Wood is a shop favorite and one of the best values in quality pinot noir in the world.” 

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Cabernet Franc Boushey Vineyard 2019, Damsel Cellars Local


For those looking for a more substantial red wine, but who want to keep it food-friendly Damsel's Womack suggests the cabernet franc. “It's the best of both worlds—bright red fruit and savory dried herb notes with great balance. It's a flexible wine to pair with all the richest side dishes without dominating the more delicate flavors on the table.”

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Eime de Vinha Domaine des Jougla 2020, The Princess and the Bear Local

From a vineyard in Saint-Chinian that practices organic agriculture, the Princess and the Bear's Ioana Cosmina Bucur and Carol Bailey chose this white wine because of its growing location among a mix of pine trees, oak, and herbs. “Much of the wine’s aroma stems from this complex vegetation. The herbal notes of this Vermentino-dominant wine will pair perfectly with the aromatic stuffing accompanying many Thanksgiving dinners: sage, rosemary, thyme.” 

Seehof 'Elektrisch' Riesling Feinherb 2021, Pike and Western Wine Shop Local


According to Pike and Western owner Michael Teer, this riesling serves as a great gateway wine into others from the same vineyard. With a melange of different people and palates gathering for the big feast, it's a great bottle to keep in your cabinet. “Joyful, bright and fresh. Don’t say you don’t like riesling until you taste this. And even if you don’t like it, your non-wine-drinking friends and relatives will.” 

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Sparkling Rosé, The Princess and the Bear Local

This dry rosé crémant is recommended by the Princess and the Bear's Ioana Cosmina Bucur and Carol Bailey not only because it will stand well against the richness of dinner but also because the rosé lights up the glass with a festive glow. “It has subtle flavors of cherry and raspberry with a hint of soft peach. We chose this sparkling wine because it is substantial enough to hold up to a meal but it’s also a wonderful wine to drink with fruit pies slathered with whipped cream.” 

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