Help Santa Out with These Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Here's to the only day of the year where being woken up at 5am feels magical.

By Zoe Sayler November 28, 2022

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Choose your own adventure: tree or surfboard?

Lest any child happen upon our website: Isn't it lovely that so many parents are willing to help Santa out during this year's staffing shortage? We'll keep adding to this list throughout the holiday season—for the big guy's convenience, of course. Check back in.

Products with an “Add to Cart” option are available for purchase through The Shops at Seattle Met. Read our list of stocking stuffers for an older crowd, or check out our selection of festive tablewarekitchen tools, and party host gifts—many of which are available for local pickup.

Gummi Goodness Box, Island Treats Local

Unlike Halloween, which is built primarily on the sickly-sweet joy of name-brand sugar bombs, Christmas morning—for grown-ups, anyway—is a missive from a simpler time when sweets were handmade and memories analog. Gummies from a local shop offer a compromise: All the sour and sugar-topped goodness kids want, with a little goodness of the parentally appreciated variety to boot. 

Londji Sun and Moon Spinning Tops, Clover Toys Local 

Topped with sweet folk art illustrations by the detail-oriented folks at Barcelona-based Londji, these charming wooden toys will quickly become part of your daily rotation (all puns intended).

Gem Makeup Face Stickers, Super Smalls


Image: Super Smalls

Leopard print has seen a serious resurgence among the younger crowd (my five-year-old niece has repeatedly informed me that the difference between cheetah and leopard print is not a trivial one, but both are acceptable). Give the Cheetah Girls revivalists what they crave with sparkly face stickers from Super Smalls, which actually consults little ones in the design process.

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Bird Whistle, Fruitsuper Local

One thing we're definitely not nostalgic for is a time when children were to be seen and not heard. These cute, candy-apple-red whistles, handmade by local artist Brian Beck "in his magical, secret cabin," demand and deserve attention of the visual and auditory varieties.

Plus-Plus Basic 70-Piece Building Block Tube, Clover Toys Local

A morning full of little standalone stocking stuffers threaten loss and clutter. Consider replacing a few with expansion packs for toys the kids already have. Danish Plus-Plus building blocks come in seemingly infinite colorways (but only one shape, for eternal compatibility), work great for any kids over five, and, get this: They're dishwasher and washing machine safe.

Candylab Woodie Car, Flora and Henri Local

The dream of keeping toys separate from the more refined areas of the house is always short-lived. Welcome the playroom creep with this classic walnut veneer–paneled station wagon (yeah, that's actual walnut). Surfboard absolutely included.


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