Plant Shop Seattle delivers. Literally. 

Gift Card to her Favorite Restaurant

Seattle Mother’s Day takeout options make a great case for having a kid. But if you can’t share a meal with mom in person right now, consider buying a gift card for her favorite restaurant and making plans to visit when it reopens. Restaurants could use the money, and mom could use something to look forward to. It’s about as thoughtful as the infamous last-minute copout gift can be (so long as you follow through).

Hyperlocally designed and printed in West Seattle.

West Seattle Island Tee 

This one's for the Alki-adjacent moms out there. Alair gift shop's “West Seattle Island” t-shirt is reminiscent of the type you’d grab on vacation to cover a sunburn and end up wearing forever. And, thanks to the bridge closure, it feels clever and of-the-moment without being a constant reminder of the much larger catastrophe at play this Mother’s Day (though they’ve got those too). Plus, loungewear’s suddenly infinitely practical. Alair offers curbside pickup Tuesday–Friday from 11am–2pm.

Cocktail Kits

Seattle bars and restaurants—Navy Strength, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Triangle Spirits—have turned to cocktail kits to stay afloat right now. As have many imbibers. Drop the supplies at mom’s house in time for a Mother’s Day Zoom call (consider grabbing the same kit for yourself for the ultimate “it’s almost like we’re really together!” effect). If possible, recruit homebound kids to do the cocktail shaking—it’s not immoral, it’s home ec. 

Houseplant from a Local Shop

Flower arrangements are a timeless classic, and farmers could definitely use the assist—but if mom might not appreciate a symbol of life’s fleeting nature on the dining room table, live plants do the trick, too. Tons of local plant shops are still in business: Plant Shop Seattle offers store pickup and local delivery; Fremont’s Indoor Sun Shoppe is open by appointment (carnivorous plants are sold outside, sans appointment, for metal mothers). Call your local plant purveyor to see what’s up.


With stay-home orders firmly in place through the end of the month, schools closed through the rest of the academic year, and some full-time jobs still chugging along despite it all, well, your presence may not feel like a present. Set mom up with some wine, ice cream, maybe a CBD bath bomb… and leave that woman alone.

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