A devilish resident of Capitol Hill's No Parking on Pike.

Costume Shops

Party at Display and Costume

If your idea of a Halloween shopping trip involves jump scares (see: a big box by the entrance that shakes as if something rabid is itching to get out), then this long-standing local biz was made for you. Once inside, the vast establishment houses rows upon rows of wigs, teeth, blood, masks, and costumes—from classic picks (witches) to current getups like Captain Marvel and Queen Elsa.

The New York Xchange

A store not specifically for the season yet grimly festive yearlong, this gothic high fashion shop’s apparel ranges from black velvet overcoats to choker necklaces that blur the distinction between fashion and bondage. Or maybe a gas mask with spikes is more your speed—we don't judge.

Trendy Wendy Boutique

Capitol Hill’s year-round costume and party supply store gives you options—clown stockings or police hats or plain ol' cat ears or a unicorn onesie. Maybe you want something more along the lines of sultry sailor? You'll find that too.

Creepy Decor

Archie McPhee

From horse masks to handerpants (underwear for your hands), zombie oil paintings to skeleton scarves, this Wallingford shop has a little bit of everything to make you stand out this season. Which is to say that after 30 years, Archie McPhee has become a Seattle staple for all things eccentric and impractical—a place for everything you never knew you didn’t need.

Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop

Need a two-headed taxidermic calf? How about some repurposed doll-head pots for your air plants? Four years ago, owner Ryan Robbins opened the weird Ballard shop to bring together historically and culturally significant—but nonetheless entertaining—items. Somewhere between a museum and an antique shop, Ballyhoo's goods are both freaky and handcrafted.

The Gargoyles Statuary

If you want to darken your decor, look no further. Ghoulish faces greet you at the door to this University District store, which is filled with candleholders, goblets, pendants, and—you guessed it—gargoyles. Self-described as Seattle’s source for all things pagan, mystical, and gothic, this shop turns any home into a year-round Halloween haven.

No Parking on Pike Vintage

An off-kilter vintage shop that specializes in taxidermy art—skulls, bugs, aquatic creatures, and costume-clad stuffed ducklings. Husband-and-wife duo Billy Hutchinson and Linda Young Hutchinson opened their shop 11 years ago as a means to expand their strange collections without becoming hoarders.

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