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The pink gorilla pictured here with a retro classic.

Image: Amber Fouts

Magic Mouse Toys

Opened in 1977, Magic Mouse is a toy store in the classic sense. The room buzzes and whirls with life. Find puppets, dolls, gag gifts along with collectibles, puzzles, and, downstairs, a room full of infant- and toddler-appropriate fun. 603 First Ave, Pioneer Square, 206-682-8097;

Mox Boarding House

A table-top gaming sanctuary, complete with tried-and-true favorites such as Settlers of Catan to role-playing systems like the venerable Dungeons and Dragons, Mox Boarding House harkens back to a time before split-screen video games and Candy Crush. 5105 Leary Ave NW, Ballard, 206-523-2273;

Red Wagon

Remember toy trucks? What about the four-wheeled summertime vehicle for which this shop is named? Red Wagon’s selection of toys for newborns and toddlers might be the perfect alternative to that pacifying iPad. 4218B E Madison St, Madison Park, 206-453-5306;

Red Balloon

This unassuming shop in east Capitol Hill provides the simplest and most delightful object: balloons. Order a handful for a birthday or fill the dance floor at a party. And stock up on books and toys for little tykes while you’re there. 417 15th Ave E, Capitol Hill, 206-467-0318;

Pink Gorilla

Fans of retro or niche video games should get acquainted with the gorilla. The U District and ID locations both specialize in classic, hard-to-find, and imported video games and novelties, from Nintendo’s golden age in the 1980s to modern consoles. Various locations,

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