It's been years since eyelash extensions came on the scene—to the point that now every other Groupon promises Beyoncé-level lashes for a steal—but with the reemergence of the bold brow, I've been feeling more Delevingne than Queen B lately (just me?).

So I've employed brow powders and pencils and gels and waxes to try and make my underwhelming eye frames get that disheveled, never-ever-tweezed model vibe. And it worked...sort least I wasn't at the point of considering a gruesome eyebrow transplant. But the biggest breakthrough came when Bellevue's Wink Lash Extensions introduced eyebrow extensions in May. 


GUYS! Eyebrow extensions. @wink_lash_extensions

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Popular on the East Coast, Wink is the first Seattle-area salon to perform the service, which, like eyelash extensions, involves individually gluing false hairs to existing hairs in order to fill out the brows. Wink's techs can also glue hairs directly to the skin to fill in any places lacking in natural hair, though these additions won't last as long.

My service started with a shaping wax and a consult. After barely touching my brows in forever (I was really willing them to grow), I was nervous about removing any hairs, but the wax served to lift and frame my face, giving my brow tech a nice base to start filling. The actual extension process took just over an hour. 

See the photo above for my results directly afterwards, and scan my Instagram for any before photos. Maintenance requires that you touch your brows as seldom as possible and don't wash or scrub them. Wink says that the extensions will last up to three weeks, after which you can go in for fillers that are priced by the minute (15 minutes for $18, 45 minutes for $45) so you can determine your level of refreshment. Personally, after two weeks my brows were back to normal.

I'd recommend the service, particularly prior to an event (like your wedding or some high-fashion moment on your calendar). An initial set is $99, including the wax. Head to the Eastside for an appointment, and let me know if you suddenly become BFFs with Rihanna or hit the red carpet with Rita. test