If you’ve noticed a throng of curious passersby on First Ave - nope, not at the Lusty Lady, but just down the street from her - it’s probably due to the creepiest windows ever to hit downtown. The knives-stabbed-into-metal and side-of-beef displays do put a spin on window dressing. And they do get a thorough inspection from everyone who walks by The Butcher Shop, a new urban-edged menswear pop-up from Deli in Pioneer Square.

The store, which will stay open through May, is a collaboration between Deli owner Max Heigh and California-based, asymmetrically oriented, heavily zippered brand Beta Unit.

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Everything in this meat market is under $200. Testing that upper limit is the shop’s most exclusive cut: Deli/Beta Unit-designed Japanese denim jeans with cuffs of original Pendleton wool from Oregon. Only 40 pair were made, so get them while they’re hot—or while it’s still chilly enough to have wool in your jeans.

Heigh hopes to launch a few more concept pop-ups around town (it’s likely all will be food-themed; his family’s in the business), each a collaboration and showcase for a specific brand. Each will also have a short film to go along with it; the one for Butch Shop (is it a slasher flick? you’ll have to see for yourself) is on display now, along with tees, denim, and non-traditional hoodies.

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