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Best Online Psychics: 3 Sites for Accurate Psychic Readings

So many things in life are uncertain, but online psychic readings can help you make sense of it all.

Presented by Originated Media May 23, 2023

So many things in life are uncertain, but online psychic readings can help you make sense of it all.

Whether you want answers about financial issues, career moves, or love interests, the best online psychics could provide the information you need.

But how do you know which online psychic reading services are legitimate, and which ones are simply scams?

We scoured the internet to find the best online psychic reading possible, and came across three sites we really loved. Check out our favorite psychic reading websites below.

Summary of the Best Online Psychics

  1. Best Overall Online Psychics: Kasamba
  2. Great Online Tarot Card Psychic Readings: Keen
  3. Top-Rated Online Love Psychic Reading: Mysticsense

Best Online Psychics for Accurate Readings

The best psychic reading websites should provide professional psychic services by experienced psychic readers. There are also other important criteria to consider.

To rank among the best in online psychic reading services, psychic websites must at least offer:

  • Vetted and tested online psychic readers with genuine psychic abilities
  • Accurate psychic readings
  • A variety of online psychic reading platform options
  • Free psychic readings
  • Affordable psychic readings
  • A satisfaction guarantee for all online psychic reading services

We did our research and picked the following top three online psychic reading sites just for you.

These are the top psychic reading sites that provide accurate psychic readings, affordable psychic readings, and your choice of online psychic reading platform.

1. Best Overall Online Psychics: Kasamba

How it works

As a company, Kasamba operates with over 20 years of providing experienced psychic insight to millions of satisfied online users.

Their compassionate online psychic advisors offer several ways to access your preferred reading, and the prices are reasonable. 

Each of Kasamba’s online psychics lists their psychic abilities, specialty, ratings, reviews, and pricing right on their profiles, so it’s easy to find the perfect match.


  • Wide selection of online psychic readers
  • Provides psychics dealing with a range of specialties
  • Three-minute free psychic reading


  • Reviews can be tricky to find


  • Specialties: Love and life readings, tarot readings, astrology readings
  • Types of readings: Online chat, email, phone
  • Price model: Per minute

2. Great Online Tarot Card Psychic Readings: Keen

How it works

Keen provides a ton of information right on its home page. The whole site is easy to navigate, and offers psychic services as well as informational articles and testimonials.

When looking for a particular type of psychic, you can categorize psychic readers by their specialties. Keen's ratings for tarot card readers receive high marks across the board.


  • Easy to connect quickly with a psychic advisor
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Private and confidential communication


  • No free psychic reading online


  • Specialties: Tarot readings, love readings, financial readings
  • Types of readings: Online chat, email, phone, mobile app
  • Price model: Per minute

3. Top-Rated Online Love Psychic Reading: Mysticsense

How it works

Mysticsense online psychic readers are good at what they do, according to customer reviews.

After you browse through information about the online psychic reading site and its psychic advisors, you will be ready to get started with your own psychic reader.

The company makes it incredibly easy to choose from a gallery of talented psychic readers and psychic mediums who specialize in your topic and begin your session.

You may have dropped in to get a free psychic reading online, but you might decide to hang around.


  • Five minutes free at the beginning of your session
  • Refund provided if you are not satisfied
  • Provides hundreds of informational articles 


  • Website can be slow to load


  • Specialties: Love readings, energy healing, online tarot readings
  • Types of readings: Online chat, text messaging, phone chat, video psychic readings
  • Price model: Per minute

How We Picked The Best Online Psychics

For your convenience, we researched and gathered information that we believe makes the very best psychics available online.

We know how time-consuming it can be, so we did the work for you. The following criteria influenced our process and determinations:

User reviews

User reviews are expressions of customers’ experiences with a particular service or product. Every review is important because they provide an accurate representation of what it’s like to use these psychic websites.


Cost is crucial to a shopper’s decision-making process, since it is quite easy to compare to competitors.

A cheap psychic reading online and free readings will draw potential new customers to the psychic sites that provide these services.

Brand reputation

When a business considers the thoughts, feelings, and reviews of its customers, employees, and anyone affiliated, the business can create an overall picture of its reputation.

This is called brand reputation, and it is as vital to a business’s success as user reviews because it can sway a potential customer’s decision to invest.

Variety of readings offered

Product variety, or a variety of readings in this case, equates to the number of different types of products or services to select. 

Customers love variety and the option to choose the thing closest to their specific desire. Variety also affects the business’s ability to compete in a crowded field.

Most Common Types of Online Psychic Readings

The most common types of readings will provide you with guidance and wisdom to make sense of your world and navigate it more easily by making informed decisions.

Here are some standard types of psychic readings online:

Tarot card readings

It is believed that tarot cards have a history that reaches back to the 15th century, but no one can be certain.

Tarot card readings are a game performed with a deck of 78 different cards, each carrying a specific meaning.

Even with a free psychic reading, a tarot card psychic understands the importance of how the cards fall.

With these cards, experienced tarot readers have the ability to create a “spread” of those you choose from the deck during your reading.

Each card’s meaning correlates to another, producing a comprehensive insight into your past, present, or future. Some of the most basic topic-based spreads tarot card readers use include:

  • Love tarot spread
  • Career tarot spread
  • Daily tarot spread
  • Spiritual tarot spread
  • Full moon spread
  • New moon spread
  • Celestial event spread
  • Major arcana spread

Tarot readers also use particular patterned layouts for the card spreads, which can take the form of:

  • The Basic Three Card Layout
  • The Seven Card Horseshoe Spread
  • The Pentagram Spread
  • The Romany Spread
  • The Celtic Cross Layout

Tarot card readers recognize that each spread and layout has its own purpose and meaning.

Expert tarot readers fully grasp every detail even when performing online tarot readings, phone readings, a free psychic reading, or a free tarot reading.

Astrology readings

Astrology, or the study of celestial bodies, goes back as far as anyone can imagine. Ancient civilizations relied on watching the movements of the stars to guide the timing of planting and harvesting crops and other important events. Farmers and other producers continue to rely on astrology for their livelihoods.

Today, an astrology psychic conducts a reading with powerful telescopes, charts, calendars, sundials, and other tools to measure the movement of light emitted by the planets and stars in relation to the Earth and sun.

The ultimate meaning for each person is wrapped up in the zodiac, their birth sign assigned to them, and how the celestial bodies move into or around their sign.

Astrology online psychic readings are abundant on psychic reading websites, so be sure to choose the best.

Whether you go the route of phone readings, chat psychic readings, or a free psychic reading, tarot card readings should consider the following three fundamental types of astrology and how they work:

Western astrology

Here are some key characteristics of western astrology:

  • Sun is the center of the solar system
  • Uses tropical zodiac
  • 12 signs in the Tropical Zodiac based on seasons and named after star constellations
  • Astrological calendar is based on Earth's orbit of the sun
  • Planets are vital to readings
  • Signs correlate directly with one of four Earth elements 

Chinese astrology


Here are some key characteristics of Chinese astrology:

  • 12 signs based on 12 animals 
  • Astrological calendar is based on Earth's orbit of the sun 
  • Moon phases are vital to readings
  • Birth year is associated with different Earth elements

Vedic astrology

Here are some key characteristics of Vedic astrology:

  • Uses sidereal zodiac 
  • 13 signs based on visible stars
  • Astrological calendar is based on the sun's movement 
  • How the planets move in relation to one another is vital to readings
  • Uses of gemstones, yoga, affirmations, and medicine 

Medium readings

It is hard to determine exactly when the art of mediumship began. Psychic mediums have a spiritual connection between the realm of the living on this planet and the realm of the unseen. A psychic medium can tap into that spiritual place and interact with the energies that live there.

A mediumship reading involves the medium communicating with someone who has passed on but whose essence still exists in the unseen realm. The medium then acts as a conductor, transmitting messages of hope, peace, and guidance to the seeker.

There are basically two types of psychic mediums:

Mental mediums

Mental psychic mediums may:

  • See spirits or auras
  • Hear disembodied voices or sounds
  • Feel spirits' presence or feel their feelings
  • Smell phantom scents
  • Taste unexplained flavors

Physical mediums

Physical psychic mediums may:

  • Have the ability to levitate things
  • Perform automatic writing while receiving messages
  • Receive mysterious raps or taps in response to communication
  • Manifest ectoplasm while being affected by a spirit
  • Manifest spirits in a physical form to be seen by humans
  • Channel a spirit through their own body

Love and relationship readings

Love and relationship readings may date back to the Middle Ages when European society’s perception of love and its expression of it gained popularity.

These readings zero in on love, feelings, emotions, and love relationships, moving, stirring, and shifting in regard to the person seeking the accurate readings.

Love psychics specialize in drawing from astrology or other types of readings like tarot readings to laser focus on the theme of love and how it pertains to the person seeking the reading.

The psychic can give the seeker insight as to whether or not the seeker will find love or how their current love interest feels or thinks. It works even if you use phone psychics, chat psychics, or free psychics.

Numerology readings

The earliest use of numerology as meaningful communication dates back to around 500 B.C., when Pythagoras uncovered the connection between numbers and musical notes.

From there, numbers correlated birth dates to vibrations, personalities, and zodiac signs. It takes an experienced psychic to put it all together and discern the messages within the connections.

A psychic trained in numerology readings can map out all the variables and codes. With the use of other readings like tarot readings, the accuracy is improved.

Then, they can assign meaning to the connections, providing an in-depth wealth of information to the person asking for the reading. 

Dream analysis

Some credit Sigmund Freud with first using dream analysis to interpret dreams. However, Native Americans and ancient cultures worldwide have a staggering long history of using dream analysis.

It is believed that there are hidden truths and information within the human mind that, when unlocked, may reveal answers to a seeker’s questions.

Dream analysis involves an expert psychic’s evaluation of a dream’s content to convert the dream to some underlying meaning or symbolic representation.

Other types of readings may enhance the dream analysis result, giving a more detailed explanation of the dream.

There are three types of dream analysis readings:

Precognitive dreams

These dreams give you insight into things that may happen in the future, good or bad. Interpreting precognitive dreams is distinctly different than with other dreams because they are not directly related to the dreamer's psyche.

Telepathic dreams

A telepathic dream is one where the dreamer actually taps into another human's consciousness and is able to speak about what is happening with that person. Distance is no obstacle for this type of dreaming.

Clairvoyant dreams

This type of dream often serves as a detailed warning of impending doom or psychic knowing of disturbances in the unseen world.

Sometimes, a special dreamer may have all three types of dreams. Interpreting clairvoyant dreams is normally straightforward and clear.

Past life readings

The belief in reincarnation seems to have started in the earliest civilizations, predominantly in the East. Many religions adopted some type of reincarnation ideas into their belief systems.

Then, people wanted to know more about their former state of being, so psychic readers took up the task of performing past life readings as part of the psychic reading services they offer.

The wonderful thing about these psychic readings online or by phone chat is that they give the customer the opportunity to discover and retrieve valuable information that can be life-changing.

By reviewing old memories and experiences held by a past life, a person can make direct connections to issues in their present state.

Past life psychic readings can guide someone to a path of healing from deep-seated trauma or revolving karma. You can get a free psychic reading or request phone psychic readings to address your past life questions.

Spiritual readings

No one can directly pinpoint when the art of spiritual readings began, but the modern spiritualism movement began in New York in the 1840s.

People were attracted to it because it presented an open-minded perception of the human soul and the life force energy that fuels it.

Anyone could access spiritual readings, and the Church no longer had control over its public and secular uses.

Spiritual online psychic readings benefit the seeker by providing predictions, insight, and guidance toward peace, calm, and happiness for the soul.

Spiritual readings can also help people break and get rid of negative spiritual energies that hold them back from being the best they can be.

General psychic readings

Sometimes, a seeker wants an online psychic reading but cannot think of a topic or question to pursue.

This may allow a psychic medium or advisor to perceive issues that stand out in their psychic mind.

Often, numerology readings, online tarot readings, or astrology readings are used to lift those issues to the surface for discussion.

In this case, you will want to choose the best overall psychic reading site to receive an accurate psychic reading.

It means everything to your session to review highly rated psychic websites and select a qualified and experienced online psychic medium or reader. A free psychic reading is a great tool to figure out what you need.

Benefits of Online Psychics

Imagine getting answers to your innermost questions in the privacy of your home. It would almost be like having your own personal psychic reader.

The best online psychic reading sites and world-class psychic readers are readily available, thanks to the digital platforms. And there are plenty of benefits to going with online psychics.

These online psychic reading websites offer a high level of experience, personalization, privacy, and convenience that surpasses what you might receive by going to a brick-and-mortar psychic.

Even if the psychic down the street offers a free psychic reading, they still cannot match the benefits and conveniences of online psychic advisors.


Psychic readers or psychic mediums with experience are valuable assets to anyone who seeks their service through their psychic websites. Free psychic readings online are no different in regard to the experience they bring to the table.

The leading psychic sites offer phone readings and free psychic readings by expert chat psychics and phone psychics alike.

There is nothing that takes the place of the feeling you get when you know you are in the hands of an experienced professional from your favorite psychic reading website.


Customization and personalization are necessary when you’re looking for online psychic reading websites because every person is unique, with different experiences, personalities, and expectations.

The top psychic advisors understand how to personalize your session to fit your needs best, giving you the best online psychic readings.

It is easy to get your phone psychic reading or online psychic reading session whenever it is convenient for you. Free psychic readings are always a plus, and they are customized to suit your needs too.


Online psychic reading websites understand that privacy is mandatory for every customer. Quality online psychic sessions offer as much privacy as you desire while you get your online psychic readings from your home.

The leading online psychics offer security and privacy to give you the confidence you need to fully enjoy using their online psychic reading platforms.

A free online psychic reading provides the same level of security and protection as psychic readings by phone or a psychic reading online.


Online psychic reading sites are incredibly convenient, for several reasons. For instance, you can easily find psychic readers with an online psychic reading session priced to fit your budget.

You can also access your psychic reader through many platforms, like online chat, video call, email, text messaging, or phone.

Webpage navigation makes it easy to find an experienced psychic reader that specializes in the topic you want answers about.

Not to mention, online psychic reading sites are open 24 hours per day. And most psychic reading sites often offer either a free psychic reading online or free minutes toward your psychic reading.


How do I get the most out of my psychic reading session?

The first thing you need to do is prepare yourself by opening your mind to the possibilities. Then, write down specific questions that you want answered.

It would also help to meditate and get your mind centered and focused on the moment. Calm your mind and breathe deeply to level your energy.

During your session, listen intently and write down notes to remind you of details later. You should also politely give your psychic advisor feedback, if you intend to have additional sessions with them.

Are online psychic services accurate?

The best online psychic readings can provide accurate readings as well as any other psychic reader.

Of course, the level of accuracy of any online psychic reading depends mainly on two important things: the vetting of the psychic reading abilities of the reader and also what you put into it.

If the psychic reader has been tested and you are prepared and honest, you can receive an accurate psychic reading to your satisfaction.

If you prefer a psychic reading online or psychic readings by phone, the best psychic reading websites are worth a try.

How long do online psychic readings last?

Psychic readings online can last as short or long as you need to get the answers you desire.

In some cases, you may want to add time beyond your free online psychic reading. This will allow your psychic reader to incorporate other types of psychic reading services or tools to validate or improve your result.

When you visit psychic reading sites, be prepared to make your psychic reading online the best it can be by allowing as much time as needed to make it complete. You are worth it.

Can I record my psychic reading?

Recording psychic readings from an online psychic reading website should be an agreement between you and your psychic reader.

Psychic reading sites usually have privacy policies posted. Read them and always ask before recording. It is polite and courteous.

You should carefully consider if recording your psychic reading online is the best idea. Keep in mind, it may not only affect you, but others mentioned in your psychic reading.

Are there free online psychics?

Online psychics often offer free minutes or free psychic readings for your preferred topic. It is a wonderful opportunity to give online psychic readers a first chance or try out a new psychic reader. It could be just a phone chat away. 


To get the very best online psychic reading, check out some of our favorite psychic reading websites. And because everyone is different, make sure you choose the one that offers what you need.

Just because you get cheap psychic reading services does not mean they are not high-quality.

In fact, it affords you the opportunity to test the waters before you decide to invest your hard-earned money.

You've really got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Having the knowledge to guide you down your life's path provides confidence and calm.

Having a terrific psychic reader validate your thoughts and feelings can bring you a sense of peace and joy and the best online psychic reading experience you desire.

Even skeptics may be pleasantly surprised after checking out these psychic readings.

Summary of the Best Online Psychics

1. Best Overall Online Psychics: Kasamba

2. Great Online Tarot Card Psychic Readings: Keen

3. Best Online Love Psychic Reading: Mysticsens