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Kratom Extracts in 2023 – A Guide to Enhanced Wellness and Mood

These concentrated kratom supplements are sure to provide all the benefits for a happier, healthier life.

Presented by Originated Media March 13, 2023

Stimulating opioid pain receptors, enhancing mood, boosting energy, and providing a sense of well-being are just some of the many benefits of consuming kratom extract. 

Unlike kratom powder, extracts are more concentrated and contain higher levels of active alkaloids - providing potent, long-lasting effects without the need to consume large amounts of traditional kratom products. But with kratom considered a food or dietary supplement, it can be hard to find reputable vendors employing practices that ensure a safe, positive experience with each use. 

Fortunately, you can purchase high-quality products without risking your health and wellness with the help of our detailed guide to the best kratom extracts. Chosen for their potency, purity, and industry-leading manufacturing practices, these concentrated kratom supplements are sure to provide all the benefits for a happier, healthier life.

Top 5 Kratom Extracts

1. Kingdom Kratom - Best Kratom Extract

2. Super Speciosa - Best for Recovery

3. Happy Go Leafy - Best for Active Lifestyles

4. Mit45 - Best for First-Time Extract Users

5. Kats Botanicals - Best Kratom Extract Powder

Detailed Reviews of the Best Kratom Extracts

1. Kingdom Kratom - Best Kratom Extract


  • Full spectrum of kratom alkaloids
  • Travel size 10mL bottle
  • Lab tested for quality & potency
  • Organic formula, natural ingredients


  • None

Kingdom Kratom Highlights

A leader in the kratom industry for many years, this brand offers a variety of products popular for their full range of effects. The secret to Kingdom Kratom's popularity lies in its organic, sustainable farming practices, premium curing processes, and commitment to using only the best ingredients.

When it comes to the kratom brand's extracts, industry-leading manufacturing processes ensure the complete spectrum formula is more powerful than many other brands, delivering an impressive concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to ensure the most potent experience possible.

About Kingdom Kratom’s Extract

Formulated using an ultra-clean extraction process, Kingdom Kratom Formula 2 Extract Shot is an all-natural solution for those looking to get the most from their kratom experience. Each 10 mL bottle contains a blend of premium alkaloids, offering users hours of relaxation and relief from pain, fatigue, stress, and other symptoms.

Each 10mL bottle contains the equivalent of 6 to 8 grams of kratom powder. Many users report experiencing the desired effects quickly and for several hours at this dosage.

The high-potency formula is suitable for daytime or nighttime use, with customer reviews detailing enhanced focus, concentration, and anxiety reduction that can benefit social encounters and daily activities.

Kingdom Kratom's 10mL liquid extract shots are available for purchase in single-bottle quantities with no limit to the number of shots purchased. In addition, all orders are covered with the brand's 100% Happiness guarantee.

Why We Chose Kingdom Kratom Extract

Their unique chromatographic fractionation process allows them to produce extracts with a full range of pure kratom alkaloids, making their products more powerful than many other brands. And with lab results available for every batch of product, new and advanced kratom users can ensure they get a safe kratom experience every time.

Visit Kingdom Kratom to learn more

2. Super Speciosa - Best for Recovery


  • Slow release delivery method
  • Potent kratom alkaloid profile
  • Made from organic kratom powder
  • Contains no fillers or additives


  • Effects onset time varies with food intake

Super Speciosa Highlights

Offering products approved by the American Kratom Association, Super Speciosa's full range of kratom products have made them a trusted source for many users. The kratom brand uses cGMP manufacturing practices, organic kratom, and independent lab testing as part of its quality assurance.

Concentrated kratom extracts at Super Speciosa are formulated with potent alkaloids to provide maximum benefits with a slow-release delivery method designed to spread the effects over several hours.

About Super Speciosa’s Extract

Super Speciosa's kratom extracts are produced using a proprietary process that preserves the natural alkaloid content of their products and delivers them in a convenient form for regular use: tablets.

The best kratom tablet extracts at Super Speciosa are made from concentrated red Maeng Da powder. The alkaloid profile of this kratom variety is known to provide a boost in mental and physical energy, along with relief from stress, anxiety, and pain. This makes it ideal for those looking to support healthy recovery after workouts, a long day at the office, or after a night out.

Additionally, the slow-release tablets ensure kratom users get the full range of benefits without feeling the effects coming on too quickly or leaving them feeling wiped out afterward. The slow-release delivery method also helps to reduce nausea and other common kratom side effects.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Tablets from Super Speciosa contain 30mg of pressed kratom powder and are available in pouches of 500 tablets. Orders placed before 2pm EST typically ship the same day with fast delivery.

Why We Chose Super Speciosa Kratom Extract

We chose Super Speciosa for its sustained-release kratom tablets, which provide a slow yet long-lasting effect ideal for recovery and relaxation. Additionally, the brand's commitment to quality makes it a smart choice for new and experienced users wanting a positive, safe kratom experience.

Visit Super Speciosa to learn more

3. Happy Go Leafy - Best for Active Lifestyles


  • Full spectrum kratom alkaloid profile
  • Smooth and energizing effects
  • No fillers or additives
  • Lab-tested for safety
  • Delicious grape flavor


  • Shipping is fast but not free

Happy Go Leafy Highlights

This kratom company offers premium kratom supplements for active individuals seeking a boost in mood, energy, and focus. All products are made under strict cGMP manufacturing protocols and lab-tested for safety.

The company uses an industry-leading filtration process to ensure a smooth pure extract. This full-spectrum kratom extract is loaded with the full range of alkaloids, allowing users to experience all the benefits they want without losing their edge during the day.

About Happy Go Leafy’s Extract

Named after its kratom concentration, the MIT150 is the best kratom extract from Happy Go Leafy. The proprietary extraction process preserves all the natural alkaloids in kratom, delivering a potent and balanced extract that works quickly and lasts for several hours - perfect for busy individuals without the time for frequent dosing.

The liquid extract comes in a small .5-ounce bottle, adding to its convenience. It's also available in a delicious grape flavor, making it more palatable than other extracts retaining the natural kratom flavor.

Because of the ultra-filtration process that goes into creating the MIT150 extract, buyers can expect a fast onset of effects that don't leave them feeling "weird" or overwhelmed as they may with other maximum-strength extracts.

Bottles are available as one-time or subscription orders. Subscription orders come at significant savings, and delivery is customizable on a schedule ranging from every 2 weeks to every 2 months.

Why We Chose Happy Go Leafy Kratom Extract

We chose this brand for its premium and lab-tested kratom products that provide consistent, balanced effects ideal for those living an active lifestyle. The full spectrum of alkaloids offers a range of benefits without needing multiple doses throughout the day. Additionally, the delicious flavor makes it a great alternative to traditionally bitter powder.

Visit Happy Go Leafy to learn more

4. Mit45 - Best for First Time Extract Users


  • Made from organic kratom plants
  • Triple-purified for maximum potency and purity
  • 45% Mitragyna speciosa concentration
  • Balanced, long-lasting effects


  • Higher price point due to premium manufacturing processes

Mit45 Highlights

Premium kratom that makes you feel your best is the mission at Mit45. The brand uses only the best kratom plants, manufacturing processes, and testing practices to ensure a kratom experience that is both safe and enjoyable.

The concentrated extract from Mit45 undergoes a few additional extraction and filtration steps beyond the industry standard. This triple-purified process preserves more beneficial plant compounds, allowing first-time users to enjoy kratom's benefits without overstimulating the senses.

About Mit45’s Extract

Guaranteed a 250mg kratom concentration of its 45% mitragynine extract, Mit45 Gold delivers the range of effects users seek without compromising safety. It is made from organic kratom plants and lab-tested for quality assurance.

Users can expect a consistent and balanced experience that lasts up to 8 hours yet does not leave them feeling overwhelmed or tired like other extracts may. In addition, the flavor of this extract is milder than other leading brands, making it more palatable for those not used to the natural taste of kratom.

The full kratom alkaloid profile offers users feelings that range from stimulating energy to mild relaxation and stress relief. Effects are felt within 15-30 minutes and last for several hours.

Single and multipack bottles are available for purchase. Up to 15% savings is available on bulk orders. Orders over $50 are eligible for free shipping. A satisfaction guarantee covers all purchases.

Why We Chose Mit45 Kratom Extract

We chose this brand for its triple-purified, organic kratom plant extract that is perfect for first-time kratom users or those who wish to enjoy the full range of effects without overwhelming their senses. The lab-tested guarantee also adds an extra layer of trust for users. Additionally, their multipack bottle options make an excellent gift for frequent users or an affordable way to stock up on your kratom.

Visit Mit45 to learn more

5. Kats Botanicals - Best Kratom Extract Powder


  • 25% Mitragynine concentration
  • Mixes easily with other powders, liquids, & foods
  • Lab tested for quality assurance
  • Full spectrum alkaloid profile


  • Dosage is not as easy to determine compared to other products on this list

Kats Botanicals Highlights

The world-renowned wellness brand, Kats Botanicals, offers premium supplements made from organic, natural, and ethical sources. Adhering to the strictest standards for growing, harvesting, and manufacturing, the brand delivers kratom products that are both safe and enjoyable.

Kats Botanicals kratom powder extract is an excellent alternative to traditional powder and contains a full spectrum of alkaloids for the most stimulating effects. It is made from organic Mitragyna speciosa leaves and expertly processed to remove any impurities that would ruin the kratom experience.

About Kats Botanicals’ Extract

An alternative to traditional liquid extracts, Kats Botanicals’ Full Spectrum 25% Kratom Extract offers a 25% mitragynine concentration for a range of effects, such as stimulating energy, mild relaxation, and stress relief.

A small pinch of this concentrated powder mixed with beverages, food, or other raw leaf kratom powders is all that is needed to start feeling the effects within 15-30 minutes. Effects can last up to 8 hours, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a sustained impact from their kratom.

The powder is well packaged and easy to measure with a teaspoon or scale. This allows users to adjust the dosage according to their needs and tastes. It also helps to keep the powder fresh and potent.

Two-gram jars of Kats Botanicals kratom powder extract are available as one-off orders only. But there is no limit to the number of jars you can purchase at once. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all purchases.

Why We Chose Kats Botanicals Kratom Extract

Kats Botanicals kratom powder extract is the perfect choice for those who prefer a concentrated, potent kratom experience they can customize to their needs. The full-spectrum alkaloid profile and lab testing assure a safe, enjoyable experience with every dose, and the organic leaves are carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality product.

Visit Kats Botanicals to learn more

How Did We Decide Which Were the Best Kratom Extracts?

Judging the best kratom extracts started with a look into standards set forth by leading kratom organizations. We learned that for a product to receive the label of "best" or "high-quality" it must:

  • Be made using organically grown materials
  • Be tested for purity and potency in a lab setting
  • Have a full spectrum alkaloid profile with no impurities or contaminants
  • Contain active compounds that are well-known to produce the desired effects
  • Be manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with FDA guidelines

After vetting thousands of extracts based on these criteria, the next step was to review customer feedback from each of the extracts we had chosen. We looked for customer reviews that noted positive effects and experiences while paying particular attention to any incidents that could be deemed negative.

Finally, we compared brand transparency, dosages, consumption methods, and other factors that could influence the quality of an extract. After considering all these factors, we finally narrowed down our list to the best kratom extracts listed above.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is the term used to describe a product made from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The Southeast Asian native has long been a natural remedy used by locals living in Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, and Bali.

The tree's leaves are where the active compounds known as alkaloids can be found. These alkaloids interact with the body to produce a range of desirable effects, such as increased energy, improved mood, and pain relief.

Unlike other plant-based supplements that are created when botanicals have matured, the kratom plant is harvested depending on the purpose of the product. For example, green vein kratom is harvested earlier and has a stimulant effect, while red-vein kratom is picked later in the season and acts as a sedative.

Kratom alkaloids in all vein varieties stimulate opioid receptors and produce a variety of effects that depend on the dosage, type, and strain. Kratom is also known to interact with serotonin and dopamine levels within the body, affecting mood and energy.

In recent years kratom has become popular due to its ability to produce effects that mimic the effects of opioids and opiates but with fewer side effects. In addition, the plant-based supplement is used both medically and recreationally, allowing anyone to find a reason to incorporate kratom into their wellness routine.

What To Look For in the Best Kratom Products

Knowing the best products and how to spot them are two very different things. So while this buyer's guide points out the best kratom products, recognizing the signs of a high-quality product is essential when shopping for kratom on your own.

Kratom Source

It is well known that kratom plants grow their most potent alkaloids in the regions they are native to. Look for products sourcing kratom leaves from Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, Borneo, or Malaysia.

Never, ever, ever buy kratom from a source that does not clearly state the origin of the plants. This is a huge red flag and can indicate contamination or poor-quality products. Trustworthy brands source their kratom from reputable suppliers who always ensure organic, ethically-sourced materials with clear information as to where they were farmed and cultivated.

Cultivation Methods

Kratom is best when grown organically with no added chemicals or pesticides. Look for brands that clearly state their plants are cultivated using organic methods and without synthetic substances.

Additionally, look for brands processing kratom leaves immediately after harvesting. This ensures maximum freshness, potency, and quality of the kratom leaves. Reputable, transparent kratom companies should always provide information on when it was harvested and processed as part of their product information.

Manufacturing & Extraction

All kratom supplements, no matter their form, must be manufactured and processed correctly to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, low efficacy, or potential health risks. While not regulated by the FDA, kratom manufacturers should still employ the agency's recommendations regarding good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

Furthermore, extraction methods for kratom plant extracts, in particular, should be done using food-grade solvents that are easy to remove from the final product. Extraction methods that use food-grade solvents are safe and do not leave heavy residues or harmful contaminants behind.

Third-Party Testing

The best kratom brands always have their products tested by a third-party laboratory. This ensures that all ingredients are accurately declared and free of bacteria, pathogens, heavy metals, or contaminants.

If you want to verify the information on a product label, look for brands that include third-party lab results with their products or have them easily accessible online. Remember, brand transparency is key across all aspects of the kratom industry - especially quality assurance.

Customer Reviews

Sometimes, the best indicator of a kratom product being the best or the worst is what other customers have to say about it. So, before you click "Purchase", be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the product page and read customer reviews.

These are the real, honest opinions of people who have bought and used a product before you - so they can be an invaluable resource when deciding whether a kratom supplement is worth your money.

What are the Benefits of Kratom Extract?

Kratom alkaloids are known to stimulate the body and mind, but kratom extracts are even more potent. This is due to the concentrated amount of alkaloids in the extract, which can provide many types of users with a wide range of benefits.

Users with an active, busy lifestyle find daytime use of extracts to benefit productivity, mental clarity, and focus. This is a direct result of the enhanced alkaloid content in extracts. Depending on the strain, extracts can promote a sense of well-being and even euphoria, as well as increasing motivation and creativity.

For those using kratom extract at night, extract benefits extend to reducing social anxiety at events, reducing post-work stress, and improving anxiety levels that can interfere with sleep.

But it isn't just the uplifting and energizing effects users get from eating or drinking extracts. Concentrated kratom liquids and powders can also have a calming effect and help reduce pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, as well as helping to ease some opioid withdrawal symptoms. There are even some extracts blended with botanicals and adaptogens that can help support a healthy immune system, fight fatigue, and support balanced wellness.

Beyond the physical, mental, and emotional benefits kratom extracts possess, there is also a level of convenience not achieved with traditional kratom supplements. The high potency levels of extracts offer faster, longer-lasting effects without having to take multiple or frequent kratom doses.

Additionally, premeasured extracts can save users time and the mess associated with preparing kratom tea or hot drinks. Users have the option to consume extracts on their own or combine them with beverages, smoothies, and protein shakes.

How To Use Kratom Extract

Most kratom extracts come in liquid form, making consumption a breeze; simply twist open the miniature bottle and drink as little or as much of the extract as you'd like. Some users prefer to down it in one go, and others prefer to microdose sips throughout the day for a muted, sustained effect.

Some extracts come in powder form and are a little challenging to use if you've never tried it before. The best way to consume powder-form kratom extracts is to put a few milligrams on the back of your tongue and wash it down with a beverage.

It is also possible to boost the potency of regular raw leaf kratom powder with a few pinches of kratom powder extract. This is a great way to enhance the effects of kratom leaves without having to purchase and use an extract alone.

Remember that kratom extracts in any form are more potent than kratom capsules or powders. For this reason, it is recommended to always start with a smaller dose and wait a bit to see the effects before deciding whether to take more. This will save users from the discomfort of taking too much kratom at once.

Potential Side Effects of Kratom

When used in moderation and according to the instructions on the packaging, kratom is safe and can be enjoyed without noticeable side effects. 

However, kratom extracts are even more potent than regular powder or capsules. This means you must exercise caution to avoid inadvertently taking too much at once and triggering minor yet inconvenient side effects. 

Signs of overconsumption may include:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • diarrhea

Many of these side effects of overconsumption will dissipate on their own, although it may be necessary to seek medical attention if symptoms persist or worsen.

More extreme side effects, such as addiction or psychosis, have been reported in some cases, but these have occurred in conjunction with the abuse of other drugs and alcohol. Therefore, it is recommended that users take kratom responsibly and not mix substances.

Finally, while kratom is a plant-based product, it is not necessarily natural and may contain contaminants or impurities that can cause an allergic reaction. Allergies are rare but possible, so it is essential to look closely at the ingredients list before taking any kratom product. If you're unsure or have concerns, consult your doctor before use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will kratom help with opioid addiction?

Opioid addiction is a serious medical condition and should be treated by a medical professional. Kratom extracts may help with some symptoms of opioid withdrawal, but at this time, no scientific evidence suggests it can offer a cure for opioid addiction. However, as kratom becomes more popular - and studied - confirmation of early findings may offer more conclusive answers.

2. How many other alkaloids are found in kratom?

Kratom contains at least 40 active alkaloids, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Most of these other alkaloids don't have an antagonist effect on opioid receptors. Still, they provide a range of therapeutic benefits, such as mood stabilization, sleep support, and enhanced cognitive function.

3. Is it safe to mix kratom powder or extracts with alcohol?

The risk of mixing kratom products with alcohol is not fully known, so it is strongly advised against. There have been anecdotal reports of users who experienced unpleasant side effects when combining the two substances. Therefore, to avoid any potential risks, kratom and alcohol should not be taken together.

4. How long does it take for kratom extracts to work?

This depends on the individual. Generally speaking, kratom extracts should start to take effect within 10-20 minutes and reach peak effects after a few hours. The effects can last anywhere from 4-8 hours, depending on the dosage taken. Factors such as food and water intake, other medications, and individual metabolism can also affect the time it takes to feel the effects.

5. When should I use kratom extracts?

The best time to use kratom extracts is when a user needs immediate relief from pain or other symptoms. Using extract will give the user quicker, more powerful effects than regular kratom powder or capsules. It is also useful for users who don't enjoy the taste of kratom, as the extract can be added to food and drinks without compromising its potency.

6. What is the best way to store kratom extracts?

Kratom extracts should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The containers should also be tightly sealed to keep out moisture and contaminants. Extracts should not be refrigerated or heated, as extreme temperature fluctuations can degrade the quality of the product.

7. Is kratom legal in the USA?

Kratom is considered a dietary supplement with no federal restrictions regarding its sale, use, or possession in the USA. The majority of states allow its sale and use, although some states have banned the substance from being purchased online or in retail stores. Therefore, it is important to check your local laws before purchasing or consuming any kratom product to ensure there is no disruption to delivery.

Supercharge Your Kratom Experience With High-Quality Extracts

Using kratom is an excellent way to enjoy a host of medical and recreational benefits. But for those who want more from their kratom supplements, extracts are the way to go.

Kratom extracts offer a more potent, effective, and all-around superior experience than standard kratom capsules and powders. They are also easier to consume and store, making them the ideal choice for those who want the ultimate in convenience and potency.

Furthermore, extracts make a great addition to any kratom user's collection, offering unprecedented intensity and satisfaction that can't be achieved with traditional kratom capsules and powders.

So, when you need to supercharge your kratom experience, consider using extracts from any of the brands above. With their high quality and unbeatable potency, these extracts will offer a smooth, potent, and safe experience that will leave users feeling their best.

Summary of the Top Kratom Extract Products

1. Kingdom Kratom - Best Kratom Extract

2. Super Speciosa - Best for Recovery

3. Happy Go Leafy - Best for Active Lifestyles

4. Mit45 - Best for First-Time Extract Users

5. Kats Botanicals - Best Kratom Extract Powder