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Best Delta-8 Gummies of 2023: A Closer Look at the Effects, Benefits and Best Brands to Try

Delta-8 gummies are quickly becoming one of the most popular hemp-derived products on the market.

Presented by Originated Media January 25, 2023

Mimicking the classic gummy candies we all know and love, delta-8 gummies are quickly becoming one of the most popular hemp-derived products on the market. The best delta-8 THC gummies create feelings of creativity, relaxation, and mild euphoria -- while still providing the traditional health benefits (and legal protection) of hemp-derived products.

Knowing which products best stimulate your favorite effects from delta 8 often proves tricky, though, given that the popularity of delta-8 gummies has caused the market to become flooded with inferior -- and sometimes even dangerous -- products.

But that doesn't mean high-quality, safe delta-8 gummies aren't available - you just have to know where to look. Read our guide to the best delta-8 gummies and ensure your next purchase includes best-in-class ingredients, safe manufacturing standards, and delicious flavors. 

Top 7 Delta-8 Gummies

1. Diet Smoke - Best Overall Delta-8 Gummies

2. Otter Space - Best for Social Events

3. TREHouse - Best Trippy Effects

4. Cannabis Life - Best Fast-Acting Formula

5. Delta Extrax - Best for Long-Lasting Effects

6. Diamond CBD - Best for Frequent Delta-8 Users

7. Just Delta - Best for Daytime Use

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Delta-8 Gummies 

1. Diet Smoke - Best Overall Delta-8 Gummies


  • 100% hemp-derived formula
  • Multiple flavor options
  • Fat-free, non-GMO, vegan gummies
  • Third-party lab-tested and certified


  • None

Diet Smoke Delta-8 THC Gummies

Whether you are looking for a serious relaxation experience or want to satisfy your sweet tooth with an extra cannabinoid kick, Diet Smoke’s Delta-8 THC Gummies are the perfect hemp-based option.

With a formula that is almost entirely pure hemp-derived delta 8, Diet Smoke's delta-8 gummies are sure to provide mild clean effects that help stimulate the endocannabinoid system for excellent benefits similar, yet far milder than traditional delta-9 THC products. And with small amounts of CBN and CBDa, these gummies can help stimulate the entourage effect, further enhancing the effects of delta-8 THC.

With a delicious selection of flavors made from entirely vegan ingredients, new and experienced hemp users alike can benefit from the natural goodness of hemp-derived delta-8 gummies that are easy on the stomach and won't overstimulate your system.

Best of all, Diet Smoke’s vegan gummies are also fat-free and non-GMO. The company never uses artificial ingredients, plasticizers, or fillers. Additionally, every cGMP-manufactured batch is third-party lab tested and certified for your safety.

Purchasing Specifics

Delta-8 gummies at Diet Smoke are available in 30-count packs with flavor options that include apple cider, watermelon, blue raspberry, and blackberry. Each bite-sized piece contains 10mg of delta-8 THC and trace amounts of hemp cannabinoids - verifiable by lab reports on the product page.

The SSL-encrypted and secure websites process one-time and subscription transactions with a variety of payment methods, and customer service is always ready to help navigate which delta-8 gummies best fit your needs.

Why We Chose Diet Smoke

This reputable delta-8 brand made our list thanks to its industry-leading manufacturing practices, federally legal hemp-derived formula, and delicious flavor options. Plus, with fast shipping, a secure checkout process, and helpful customer service, Diet Smoke stands out as the best place to start (or continue) your delta-8 gummy journey without any hassle.

Learn more at Diet Smoke

2. Otter Space - Best for Social Events


  • Delicious watermelon flavor
  • Potent delta-8 dose
  • Clean, natural ingredients
  • Relaxing and calming effects


  • Not available for shipping to all 50 states

Otter Space Delta-8 THC Gummies

Otter Space Delta-8 THC Gummies are the perfect companion to a social event, hanging out with friends, or other high-density people scenarios where you might need something to help you relax and enjoy yourself a bit more.

At 25mg delta-8 THC per bite-sized watermelon flavored piece, these hemp-derived, ISO-manufactured gummies pack a potent dose of cannabinoid goodness that many customers describe as calming, chill, serene, and overall quite pleasant.

Additionally, Otter Space delta-8 gummies are made from hemp-derived cannabinoids and all-natural ingredients like sugar, pectin, citric acid, natural flavors, and colors - no artificial ingredients or fillers to worry about.

Suitable for vegans, Celiacs, and vegetarians, these hemp-derived delta-8 treats are also lab-tested and certified free from heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful elements.

Purchasing Specifics

Otter Space gummies infused with delta 8 are sold in packs of 30 pieces, but be sure to check the site before buying to make sure they can ship to your state. If you are eligible to receive what's hailed by many as the best delta-8 gummies, you can place single and subscription orders through the secure website.

Packaging is discreet and secure, with the gummies safely stored in a durable tub with a tight, freshness-locking lid. Fast shipping is included on every order, so you won't have to wait long to savor the delicious watermelon flavor for a fun and anxiety-reducing delta-8 experience.

Why We Chose Otter Space

Otter Space is on a mission to provide balanced hemp-derived cannabis products that make life more enjoyable, and its delicious watermelon hemp-derived delta-8 gummies are the perfect way to start your journey. With a potent dose per piece, all-natural ingredients, and discreet packaging, Otter Space delta-8 gummies are a must-have for those looking to stay chill and relaxed in any social situation.

Learn more at Otter Space

3. TREHouse - Best Trippy Effects


  • Potent multi-cannabinoid formula
  • Manufactured using ISO-certified processes
  • Farm Bill compliant
  • Delicious tropical fruit flavors


  • Higher threshold for free shipping compared to others on this list

TREHouse Delta-8 THC Gummies

Those searching for the trippiest of legal hemp cannabinoid buzzes need to look no further than TREHouse Delta-8 THC Gummies. These delicious tropical fruit-flavored gummies come in a multi-cannabinoid formula that includes delta 8 (20mg/pp), HHC (10mg/pp), CBD (3mg/pp), and THC-O (2mg/pp). With the potent combination of these four cannabinoids, TREHouse Delta-8 Gummies really do give you a unique and far-out experience.

TREHouse's gummies are manufactured with ISO-certified processes using organic, 2018 Farm Bill-compliant hemp plants. That means you can rest assured knowing that all of the delicious benefits of the gummies have been created as safely, cleanly, and legally as possible.

One of the best benefits when ordering delta-8 gummies from TREHouse is the handy dosing guide created by this reputable brand. By breaking down the different levels of effects that you might encounter depending on how many gummies you eat, TREHouse gives its customers an additional layer of trust in its delicious delta-8 products.

Purchasing Specifics

TREHouse's delta-8 gummies are available for shipping to some but not all US states. Luckily, the brand clearly lists eligible states on the product page, so customers don't have to worry about any surprises.

The multi-cannabinoid gummies come in jars of 30 delicious tropic mango-flavored pieces and are sold exclusively online through the TREHouse website. Shipping is fast, secure, and discreet, with orders over 75$ typically qualifying for free shipping.

While subscription orders aren't available through the site, there are a ton of ways to save on single or bulk purchases, including on-site coupon codes, first-time buyer discounts, and even affiliate programs.

Why We Chose TREHouse

TREHouse offers a delicious alternative for those looking for the trippiest of legal cannabinoid effects. With its safe manufacturing process, yummy assorted flavors, and potent multi-cannabinoid formula, their delta-8 gummies are the perfect way to enhance your next adventure.

Learn more at TREHouse

4. Cannabis Life - Best Fast-Acting Formula


  • Bioavailable ingredients
  • Fast-acting effects
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Multiple flavors to choose from


  • No subscription program

Cannabis Life Delta-8 THC Gummies

Knowing that people want to start experiencing the mild yet enjoyable effects of delta-8 THC as soon as possible, Cannabis Life uses the most bioavailable ingredients to make sure their delicious delta-8 gummies are fast-acting and effective.

The 25mg of premium delta-8 THC per delicious gummy is derived from US-certified organic hemp plants and tested by a third-party lab to ensure purity. In addition, hemp plant terpenes are included in the safe extraction method to enhance the delicious flavor profiles of each gummy - mango, berry blast, and pink paradise.

With added coconut oil for increased absorption, Cannabis Life Delta-8 Gummies relieve stress and discomfort in record time. Best of all, the delicious flavors make it easy to take an extra gummy or two if you want to take your experience to the next level for the most potent delta-8 effects.

Purchasing Specifics

Cannabis Life delta-8 gummies are available in compact 30ct jars. Delta-8 shoppers can order as few or as many as they'd like, with larger orders qualifying for free shipping. Those who aren't sure which flavor to buy can opt for an assorted mix jar containing all the delicious natural fruit flavors.

The ordering process is straightforward, and the product page contains comprehensive information about the third-party testing that has taken place. Don't forget to register your details on the site so you can receive referral rewards for each friend that follows your lead and places an order with this reputable brand.

Why We Chose Cannabis Life

Enhanced absorption, multiple flavors, easily-accessible third-party lab testing results, and a rewards program make this brand one of our favorites for delicious, potent delta-8 gummies. If you're looking for fast-acting effects that ease you out of a long day and into a relaxed night, Cannabis Life Delta-8 Gummies are the way to go.

Learn more at Cannabis Life

5. Delta Extrax - Best for Long-Lasting Effects


  • Potent delta-8 concentration
  • Sweet & tangy flavor profile
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid formula
  • Made with organic ingredients


  • Fewer pieces per container than others on this list

Delta Extrax Delta-8 THC Gummies

High octane potency meets delicious, tangy flavor profiles in the Delta Extrax Delta-8 THC Gummies. With 100mg of delta 8 per sour pineapple gummy, the effects are felt quickly and last for hours.

The secret to the brand's long-lasting effects lies in the full-spectrum cannabinoid formula that includes delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, CBN (cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), and other supportive phytocompounds like the hemp plant terpenes. In the end, the mix of hemp plant compounds provides the powerful therapeutic and psychoactive benefits of the hemp plant in a delicious gummy.

Moreover, the potent concentration of delta 8 and the organic ingredients create a pleasant delta-8 experience free from the side effects of the more potent delta-9 THC. 

Whether it's one in the morning to kick off an exciting day of fun, or at night to take the edge off the stress of the day, the Delta Extrax gummies are sure to satisfy the craving of delta 8 users. 

Purchasing Specifics

Delta Extrax sells its delicious delta-8 gummies in 20ct pots with a freshness-locking lid. Ordering one-off jars or signing up for a monthly subscription delivery will earn reward points delta-8 users can put towards future purchases.

Delivery times are quick and free shipping is available on all orders over 50$. While all sales are final, Delta Extrax will quickly remedy any orders that arrive damaged, contain the wrong product, or missing ordered items.

Why We Chose Delta Extrax

Where the Delta Extrax delta-8 THC gummies really shine is the long-lasting effects the full-spectrum cannabinoid formula provides. Sour pineapple enthusiasts are the lucky ones, as the brand has nailed the sweet and tangy combination perfectly. If you're after an all-day (or night) delta-8 experience, these Delta Extrax D8 gummies have the potency and the flavor to get the job done.

Learn more at Delta Extrax

6. Diamond CBD - Best for Frequent Delta-8 Users


  • High-quantity purchase options
  • Chilled out effects
  • Extensive flavor options
  • Legally compliant manufacturing process


  • May contain food allergens

Diamond CBD Delta-8 THC Gummies

Frequent delta-8 users will enjoy shopping for their favorite hemp products at Diamond CBD. The company has an excellent brand reputation for offering premium grade gummies in high-count bottles with potent delta-8 concentrations.

With 25mg of delta-8 THC per delicious chewy gummy, the Diamond CBD gummies provide a chill and calming experience without the overwhelming psychoactive effects of the delta-9 THC. Moreover, the brand offers a variety of fruity flavors, so there's something for everyone - from sour apple to tropical punch, mango peach, blue raspberry, and watermelon flavors.

For an even better delta-8 experience, Diamond CBD offers even larger containers of gummies containing 20mg of delta-8 THC and a hefty dose of full-spectrum CBD to round out the cannabinoid experience and provide a more comprehensive entourage effect.

If the brand's reputation and the long-lasting effects of the gummies weren't enough, Diamond CBD also backs the quality of their delta-8 THC gummies with independent lab testing. With the lab results available online for anyone to see, the brand stands by the safety and effectiveness of its products.

Purchasing Specifics

Buying delta-8 gummies at Diamond CBD is pretty easy. The site offers multiple purchase options to make the shopping experience easier, and the prices are quite competitive. 

Single orders over $100 typically come with free shipping, but the many large on-site discounts may actually save you more money the bigger the order. Subscription orders always come with free shipping and a significant auto-applied discount.

Why We Chose Diamond CBD

We chose the Diamond CBD gummies because of the brand's commitment to quality, the extensive range of sizes, and the wide selection of flavors available. Additionally, the potency is just right for the occasional user and the experienced delta-8 fan alike. 

Learn more at Diamond CBD

7. Just Delta - Best for Daytime Use


  • Uplifting, euphoric effects
  • Mouth-watering fruit flavor
  • Made from organic hemp extracts
  • Suitable for new & experienced users


  • Contains natural and artificial ingredients

Just Delta Delta-8 THC Gummies

The particular uplifting strains used to create the Just Delta gummies make the brand stand out from the competition. Not only will the euphoric effects of the delta-8 THC start to take hold in no time, but the delicious exotic peach flavor will also satisfy the taste buds.

At approximately 25mg of delta-8 THC per lightly sugar-coated gummy, the Just Delta gummies are the perfect level of potency for a good day experience without the potentially overwhelming effects of delta-9 THC. 

The brand uses organic hemp extracts for the delta-8 THC gummies, which means the products are made with the highest quality ingredients and comply with the legal requirements of the US federal law. For even better peace of mind, Just Delta backs the quality of its products with independent lab testing from leaders in the hemp industry.

Purchasing Specifics

The nice thing about purchasing from Just Delta is that they are incredibly transparent. With the product page containing helpful usage instructions, nutritional facts, full ingredients list, and access to lab reports, you'll have no problem ordering as many or as few as you need.

Subscription orders offer the best discounts and the highest savings, making up for the lack of free shipping options. Also, don't forget to browse the "Related Product" section at the bottom of the page to add other forms of delta-8 gummies from Just Delta to your daily routine.

Why We Chose Just Delta

We chose the Just Delta gummies for the fantastic, uplifting effects and the mouthwatering fruit flavor that perfectly complements daytime use. Additionally, the brand's commitment to organically-sourced hemp extracts and independent lab testing proves its dedication to providing the best delta-8 gummies for new and experienced users.

Learn more at Just Delta

Factors Used to Choose the Top Delta-8 Gummies

Knowing that regulations are still being established for hemp products, our research team wanted to make sure the products featured here met the highest standards of quality and safety, and so, evaluated critical factors to getting the best delta-8 gummies, such as:

  • Safe formulas: The key to the high-quality delta-8 gummies is a safe and effective formula made with organic hemp extracts and the highest quality ingredients available.

  • Brand reputation: Our team evaluated the brands based on customer reviews, the brand's history in the hemp cannabis market, and the quality of transparency when it comes to lab reports and manufacturing processes.

  • Effectiveness: We kept the user experience in mind when selecting the best delta-8 gummies, only choosing those reported to provide the calming, relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric effects delta-8 THC is famous for.

By evaluating D8 products and brands based on these criteria and combining the information with our own experiences, we were able to create this guaranteed list of the best delta-8 gummies available from reputable online vendors.

What is Delta 8?

Short for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta-8 THC, or D8, is a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. Delta-8 THC's effects closely mimic those of the more famous delta-9 THC; however, the effects are typically milder, and the legal status of delta 8 makes it available to the public without needing a medical card.

While delta 8 is naturally occurring, it only appears in small amounts, and the majority of the D8 products found on the market are created through the isomerization process. By taking the delta-9 THC and CBD from the hemp plant and changing its molecular structure, the delta-8 THC cannabinoids are created in enough abundance to create a range of gummies with varying potencies.

When the process is done correctly, the delta-8 THC products are 100% federally legal and comply with the US federal law regulating hemp-derived substances. That said, the best way to ensure the delta-8 product you're buying complies with federal regulations is to always purchase from trusted vendors like the ones above or those that employ the same stringent practices to manufacture delta-8 THC gummies.

How to Choose the Best Delta-8 Gummies?

The best gummies for your needs may not come from the same brand or have the same potency as the ones other people you know use. The key to choosing the best product for your needs is evaluating factors specific to your lifestyle.

Reason for Use

Are you looking to relax after a long day, get your mind out of a negative loop, enhance a fun night out, or manage the stress of the day? Knowing why you're taking the delta-8 gummies helps narrow down the list of products best suited for your needs.

For example, high potency delta-8 gummies (25mg+) may be best suited for those looking to relax after a long day at the office, enhance the enjoyment of evening activities, or manage the stress of the day. 

If the aim is to get creative, high-potency delta-8 gummies will likely provide the most significant effects for the desired outcome.

On the other hand, delta-8 products with lower potencies (10mg-20mg) may be best suited for those looking to take the edge off the day without experiencing couch lock. These gummies still provide the desired effects but in a way that is more manageable to the users’ daily routine.

Frequency of Use

Regular daily D8 users may find that lower potencies in high-quantity packs are the best way to go. This ensures the cost per gummy is the lowest, and the body has time to adjust to the effects of delta 8 over the course of the day.

Those looking to use delta 8 occasionally to relax or enhance the enjoyment of evening activities may prefer higher-potency gummies with lower quantities. This way, the desired effects can be achieved without having to use multiple gummies per sitting, and users won't have to worry about freshness or the gummies expiring.

Brand Reputation

The most important factor when selecting the delta-8 gummies is the brand's reputation and product quality. Knowing the source of the delta-8 THC, the processes used to extract the cannabinoid, and the safeguards in place to ensure purity are all critical to choosing the best delta-8 gummies.

Only the highest quality products created from the best hemp strains and those that follow the most stringent practices from seed to shelf should be considered. Reputable brands will also provide users with lab tests for the product in question so shoppers can see the cannabinoid levels present and trust the claims made by the manufacturer. 

What are the Benefits of Delta-8 Gummies?

Like any of other hemp products, delta-8 THC gummies come with their own unique set of benefits. For starters, the delta-8 THC molecule is the closest to the delta-9 THC molecule and can provide the same psychoactive effects without the intense high or paranoia associated with the latter.

This milder high can provide the relaxation, stress relief, and cognitive effects associated with the delta-9 THC molecule without the overwhelming sense of intoxication. Additionally, the gummies are discreet and easy to dose accurately so users can remain in control of the effects they experience.

Additionally, delta-8 gummies are the perfect way to gain the benefits of the cannabinoid without the harshness associated with smoking or vaping cannabis. The gummies provide the desired effects without introducing smoke into the lungs, which makes them an excellent choice for those looking to get the most out of their delta-8 experience without detracting from the health benefits of your current lifestyle.

The biggest and most important benefit of using D8 gummies is the long-lasting effects. As a digestible cannabinoid product, the gummies can provide uplifting, creative, and relaxing effects for 6 to 12 hours - much longer than the effects produced by the same amount of delta 8 when vaped or smoked. This can make the gummies the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy the most out of their delta-8 experience.

How Many Delta-8 Gummies Should I Eat?

The amount of delta-8 gummies you should consume in one sitting varies based on the product's potency. Generally speaking, the higher the potency, the fewer gummies you will need to take for the desired effects.

Start with one low-potency (10-20mg) delta-8 gummy and wait at least an hour before deciding whether the dose was sufficient or if more is needed. You can always consume more gummies a few hours later until the desired effects are achieved.

Often, delta-8 brands recommend taking half of larger potency gummies (25mg+) the first time and then adjusting the dose as needed. It's important to remember that the effects can last for several hours, so it's best to start with the lower quantity if you aren't sure how the product will affect you.

Don't forget that delta-8 THC creates effects that can impair the ability to operate a vehicle or machinery. Be sure you don't eat so many gummies in one sitting that you cannot complete the required obligations you have in the day.

How Long Does it Take for Delta-8 Gummies to Kick In?

Digestive cannabinoid products, while long-lasting, also come with the longest onset time of the available delivery methods. Depending on the user's metabolism and individual biology, it can take anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours for the delta 8 to kick in.

To compensate for the long onset time, it's best to eat the desired dose of delta-8 gummies an hour or more before the effects are desired. This will ensure the user can enjoy the effects of the delta-8 gummies when the time comes.

Those wanting to speed up the onset time of their favorite alternative hemp cannabinoid can consider taking the gummies on an empty stomach - provided they understand the right dosage to trigger effects without causing any stomach upset.

Conversely, those wanting to slow down the onset for a prolonged effect can take the gummies with a snack or meal, which will help the body take longer to absorb the D8 THC, leading to the desired effects taking longer to manifest.

Potential Side Effects of Delta 8

Less research is available on the side effects of delta-8 THC in comparison to popular cannabinoids like CBD and delta-9 THC, but what is known shows that the cannabinoid is well-tolerated in the human body, with no significant side effects.

Potential D8 side effects include dry mouth, the munchies, dizziness, and drowsiness. While these side effects are generally mild and may not be felt by everyone taking the cannabinoid products, they can still occur no matter the user's experience level.

In rare cases, side effects due to poor manufacturing processes, harsh solvent extraction, or the use of synthetic delta 8 can be more severe. So, when looking for the delta-8 gummies to buy, always make sure the brand has a good reputation and the product is made with natural ingredients to avoid adverse effects such as headaches, nausea, or allergic reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What delicious flavors are delta-8 gummies available in?

Gummies infused with delta-8 THC come in a variety of delectable taste profiles, including mango, peach, blue raspberry, and watermelon flavors. Some brands offer one flavor per container, and others offer an assorted mix so you can find your favorite before committing to the entire bottle.

2. For hemp-derived products, are Delta 8 and CBD gummies the same?

No, the effects of delta-8 gummies differ from the effects of traditional CBD gummies. Namely, CBD doesn't create the same sort of high experience when taking delta-8 THC. If you are looking for a product that creates more intense sensations of relaxation, euphoria, and creativity, then delta-8 gummies are the way to go.

3. Do delta-8 gummies make you feel groggy in the morning?

Many customers report taking delta-8 gummies without the grogginess often experienced after a night of using delta-9 THC. However, the effects of delta 8 can contribute to the body's natural sleep cycle, so if you take the gummies too late in the evening, you may wake up later than usual the next day.

Get In Your Perfect Zone with Delta-8 THC Gummies

Finding your perfect zone of relaxation and euphoria just got a lot easier with the advent of delta-8 gummies. This unique cannabinoid offers the body the perfect balance between the effects of traditional delta-9 THC and the more subtle effects of CBD, making it the ideal choice for those looking for an experience that doesn't overpower the senses and leaves the user feeling relaxed but still in the moment.

By purchasing from any of the brands above, buyers can be sure the product is of the highest quality, made with the most natural ingredients, and that the effects are as advertised. So go ahead, get your buzz on the safe way and order delicious delta-8 gummies today.