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Best CBD Cigarettes in 2023: 4 Must-Try Brands For a Calming and Soothing Smoke

If you enjoy smoking and are interested in exploring hemp strains high in CBD, you may want to try CBD cigarettes.

Presented by Originated Media January 18, 2023


If you enjoy smoking and are interested in exploring hemp strains high in CBD, you may want to try CBD cigarettes. These cigarettes, also known as hemp cigarettes, offer a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. 

Whether you want to experience the potential health benefits of CBD, such as anxiety relief or pain reduction, or are simply curious about trying out a new flavor, our list of the best CBD cigarettes in 2023 is a great place to start.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes are made with hemp flowers high in CBD and low in THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that has been shown to have potential health benefits such as reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and decreasing inflammation. 

CBD cigarettes are similar to traditional cigarettes in that they are typically rolled or wrapped in paper.  They do not contain tobacco and are made with hemp flowers. 

Some people use CBD cigarettes to experience the potential benefits of CBD, while others use them as a tobacco alternative when they try to quit smoking cigarettes.

Are CBD Hemp Cigarettes Safe?

CBD is generally considered safe. While some people experience mild side effects — like fatigue and dry mouth — there is no risk of addiction to hemp or CBD. Hemp flower cigarettes do not contain nicotine or other harmful chemicals typically found in tobacco cigarettes. In fact, some people switch to hemp cigarettes to help curb their tobacco cravings.

It is worth noting that not all CBD products are created equal. It is important to purchase hemp cigarettes from reputable brands that use high-quality hemp and undergo third-party testing to ensure safety and potency.

Best CBD Cigarettes in 2023

  1. Best Overall: CBD American Shaman: Shaman Smokes
  2. Best Flavor: Plain Jane Hemp Rolls
  3. Best Potency: Coast Smokes
  4. Best for Relaxation: Timbr Organics CBD Cigarettes

When shopping for the best hemp cigarettes, it is crucial to choose reputable brands to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. To help you on your search, here is a list of some top-quality brands that offer excellent CBD cigarettes. Whether you're looking for a product with great taste, something to help you relax, or something that provides a boost of energy, these brands have you covered. Read on and give them a try!

1. Best Overall: CBD American Shaman Shaman Smokes


Our top-rated brand is CBD American Shaman and their line of Shaman Smokes. These CBD cigarettes are made with high-quality hemp and come in a variety of flavors, including Original, Grape, Menthol, and Cherry. 

Customers rave about these cigarettes' relaxing and stress-relieving effects, which are made using hemp strains carefully chosen for their calming properties. CBD American Shaman is also committed to using only U.S. hemp grown without pesticides and has developed proprietary nanotechnology to increase the bioavailability of CBD.

Shaman Smokes create a smooth, gentle smoke that is enjoyable to inhale. Some customers smoke them to ease daytime anxiety, and others use them to help relieve chronic pain, such as arthritis pain or backaches. Some CBD aficionados use this product in place of tobacco cigarettes. They find that CBD helps ease nicotine cravings and calm their nerves.

About CBD American Shaman:

CBD American Shaman aims to create the highest-quality wellness products possible. They batch-test their CBD products and use proprietary nanotechnology to increase bioavailability. The company also partners with local artists to help raise awareness of hemp and its role in wellness.


  • Multiple flavor options
  • Enhanced bioavailability of CBD
  • Hemp strains specifically chosen for focus and relaxation
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • May contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3 THC)


CBD American Shaman sells Shaman Smokes in individual packs of 20, and in cartons containing 10 packs of 20 smokes. 4-cigarette sampler packs contain one of each flavor: Original, Menthol, Grape, and Cherry. Each cigarette provides approximately 40 mg CBD, along with other cannabinoids, including CBG and CBC.

Learn more at CBDAmericanShaman.com


2. Best Flavor: Plain Jane Hemp Rolls


 If you prefer products that have a really clean, light flavor, we recommend smoking Plain Jane Hemp Rolls. These hemp cigarettes are popular with new smokers. Each one is rolled in rice paper, which emits a clean smoke. They’re also made with filter tips that trap some of the harsher compounds in the smoke. 

Plain Jane Hemp Rolls are made with a blend of hemp flower strains. Electra contributes an herbal, pine-like flavor, and Sour Space Candy adds a subtle fruitiness. Reviewers describe the flavor as smooth, earthy, and herbal.

Customers like to smoke these cigarettes in the daytime for a blissful and calm feeling. We also read reviews from customers who smoke them at night to relax their mind and chase off the stress of the day. Those new to smoking hemp flowers often appreciate the simplicity of this product.

About Plain Jane:

Plain Jane is an American hemp company based in Oregon. They source their hemp carefully, choosing high-quality, high-CBD strains. The company stands behind their products by offering a money-back guarantee.


  • Very clean, odorless smoke
  • Formulated with a blend of several hemp flower strains
  • Contain zero additives
  • Made with premium rice paper wraps


  • Only come in one flavor/blend


Plain Jane Hemp Rolls come in packs of 3 or 20. You can buy a carton containing 10 20-count packs. Each cigarette weighs 0.9 grams of hemp and contains approximately 60 - 72 mg CBD.

Learn more at PlainJane.com


3. Best Potency: Coast Smokes


 If you’re looking for a CBD cigarette that’s energizing and will keep you going through the day, we recommend trying Coast Organic Hemp Smokes. These smokes are formulated not only with CBD but also CBG, another cannabinoid that is known for being invigorating and energizing. 

Each of these CBD cigarettes contains a powerful blend of 100mg CBD and 20mg CBG per stick, providing the potential benefits of the entourage effect with every puff.

Customers report that these hemp cigarettes emit a really clean, smooth smoke with a pleasant mouth feel. This is likely due to Coast's slow curing process when preparing their hemp. They handcraft their hemp blend and work with farmers who grow sustainably. 

A lot of customers who smoke these hemp cigarettes report staying focused during the day, especially when working on a demanding or really in-depth project. Some also say these cigarettes help ease headaches and back pain.

About Coast:

Coast is a California-based company that creates handcrafted hemp products. One of their missions is to give smokers a guilt-free alternative to tobacco cigarettes. You can review lab reports for all of their products on their website.


  • Potent CBD hemp flower + CBG formula
  • Made with organic hemp
  • Hemp sourced from sustainable farms
  • Made with slow-cured hemp for a smooth mouthfeel


  • May be too energizing for evening use


Coast Organic Hemp Smokes come in packages of 20. Each cigarette provides 100 mg CBD plus 20 mg CBG.

Learn more at CoastSmokes.co


4. Best for Relaxation: Timbr Organics CBD Cigarettes


 If you’re seeking a more relaxing hemp smoke, Timbr Organics CBD Cigarettes are a great choice to kick back, unwind, and shrug off the day’s stress. They are made of 100% hemp flower and contains hemp terpenes, enhancing the relaxing effects of CBD.

Hemp cigarettes can have a distinctive hemp flavor due to their high terpene content; these particular cigarettes are no exception. However, the three-hole filter helps to keep the smoke smooth and cool for a more enjoyable experience. In addition to their flavor, these hemp cigarettes stand out due to their attractive wood-look wrapper.

Customers report experiencing lower stress levels after just a few puffs. Some report that a whole cigarette helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night. Some mention it helps them relieve anxiety and PTSD symptoms after using this product regularly. 

About Timbr Organics:

Timbr Organics is a California-based hemp company that believes in creating premium, full-spectrum products. They submit their products for third-party testing and approach every step in a detail-oriented way. Even their packaging is attractive and innovative with wood-grain embellishments.


  • High CBD and terpenes content
  • Three-hole filters for a smooth smoking experience
  • Attractive, wood-look wrappers
  • Tested in a third-party lab


  • Strong hemp flavor and scent


Timbr Organics CBD Cigarettes come in a pack of 20. You can buy a single pack or a carton of 10 packs. Each cigarette provides 50 mg CBD (1000 mg per pack).

Learn more at TimbrOrganics.com


How We Created This List

The first step we took in creating this list of the best CBD cigarettes was to review the product descriptions of various hemp cigarette brands. We only considered brands that shared plenty of info in their descriptions. In reviewing the information, we wanted to see a few key qualities in order to pass the product on to our next round:

  • Responsibly sourced hemp from American farms
  • Specific CBD amounts and ingredients listed
  • Lab testing for cannabinoid content

To ensure we were considering the best options, we first narrowed down our list to include only reliable, lab-tested hemp CBD cigarettes. We then looked to reviews to help us determine which products stood out among the rest. We read reviews on both the company's websites and third-party sites to understand each product better. This process helped us identify the true standout brands in the market.

We didn’t just choose the products with the most positive reviews. Instead, we looked deeper to see what, exactly, customers were saying about these various CBD cigarette brands. Overall, we kept an eye out for products that reviewers found to be effective.

During our research, we noticed that some reviewers found certain CBD cigarettes to be more energizing while others reported a more relaxing effect. We saw this as a good thing as different customers have different reasons for smoking hemp cigarettes. We aimed to include both energizing and relaxing products on our list.

Finally, once we had a short list of products that reviewers loved, we entered the third phase of our process: testing. This was certainly the most enjoyable phase for us, but we did a little more than sit back and enjoy the stress-relieving hemp. As we smoked each product, we paid close attention to the flavor, how quickly we felt the effects, how long the relief lasted, and how evenly the product burned. It wasn’t long before a few stand-out products emerged. The four best CBD cigarettes are featured above.

CBD Cigarettes Buying Guide

As a responsible consumer, you probably want to learn as much as you can about the products you buy before you buy them. But what features should you focus on as you shop for CBD cigarettes? Here are the key areas to consider as you browse hemp cigarette brands and varieties.

Hemp Source

Hemp CBD cigarettes are made with natural, minimally processed hemp flowers and leaves. As such, you really want the hemp contained in the cigarette to be of high quality. Reputable hemp brands will share plenty of information about their hemp sourcing since they know this is so important to customers.

At a minimum, you want cigarettes made with U.S.-grown hemp. You also want the hemp to have been grown without pesticides since many pesticide residues are not safe to inhale. If the hemp is Certified Organic, that’s even better.

Some hemp companies specifically source their hemp from small, local growers. Buying from one of these companies is a chance to support these family-owned businesses.

Hemp Strain

There are many different strains of hemp high in CBD. Each contains a slightly different blend of terpenes and cannabinoids, which have unique therapeutic effects. Many hemp cigarette brands share which strains they use in their products. If the company does not tell you about the strain’s terpene content and therapeutic benefits, you can search for this information.

Try to purchase cigarettes made with hemp strains that line up with your own needs. For example, if your primary reason for smoking hemp is to ease anxiety, then a product made with a strain that’s known for its anti-anxiety effects would be a good buy.

CBD Content

Some hemp cigarettes contain more CBD than others. If you’re new to smoking hemp flower, you may prefer a product with a smaller amount of CBD, such as 30 mg. If you’ve been using CBD for a while or know you need a higher dose, then you may prefer a more potent product, such as one containing 50-100 mg of CBD. Keep in mind that you do not have to smoke a whole cigarette in one sitting. You can always take a few puffs, set it down, and come back to it later.

CBD and Other Cannabinoids

CBD is the best-known therapeutic cannabinoid in the hemp plant, but it is not the only one. Many hemp strains also contain other beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN. Before buying a hemp cigarette, check to see how much of these other cannabinoids it contains.

An increasingly popular cannabinoid in hemp cigarettes you’ll see in some products is CBG. It’s known for its potent anti-anxiety effects. People often find it to be energizing and promote a positive mood.

CBN is mostly known for sleep-promoting qualities. If you plan on smoking cigarettes before bed, look for ones high in this cannabinoid.

Terpene Content

Terpenes are the compounds in hemp that give it a distinct scent. Different strains of hemp contain different terpenes, and many of these terpenes have therapeutic properties. Here are a few examples:

  • Humulene is known for its energizing effects.
  • Linalool, also found in lavender, is quite stress-relieving.
  • Limonene has a citrus scent and anti-anxiety properties.
  • Beta-caryophyllene is great for managing anxiety and depression.

Look for hemp cigarettes containing terpenes that provide the benefits you seek. For example, if you mainly smoke to ease anxiety, a strain high in limonene could be a great choice.

Over time, CBD users often learn which terpenes they like best. They can seek out other products that are high in those terpenes. Reviewing lab reports can help you discern which hemp cigarettes contain your favorite terpenes. Not all lab reports include terpene content, but it is becoming more common for CBD companies to provide this information on their website.

Lab Testing

Before buying any CBD product, ensure it has been lab-tested for cannabinoid content and purity. A lab test can establish how much CBD the hemp contains and also which terpenes and other cannabinoids it contains. 

This testing also ensures that hemp is free from pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Reputable hemp companies share their lab reports on their website, so you can look them over before making your purchase. All testing should be conducted by third-party labs to reduce the possibility of bias.


Smoking cigarettes should be an enjoyable experience, and part of that comes down to the flavor of the hemp. This is mostly a matter of personal preference. If you prefer a stronger, more hemp-forward flavor, look for cigarettes described as “bold” or “high in terpenes.” If you prefer a lighter, more subtle smoke, look for ones described as “smooth” or “light.”

There are also hemp cigarettes with added flavors. You may see grape or cherry cigarettes. These flavors are great for new users who are still getting used to the flavor of hemp or even for seasoned hemp smokers seeking something new.

Company Reputation and Policies

Spend a little time reading about the company you’re buying from. What methods do they use to ensure the quality of their products? Do they offer any sort of guarantee? Maybe they have certifications you agree with, such as being certified Cruelty-Free or USDA Organic. If the company seems reputable, then it’s likely their cigarettes are an effective and enjoyable option.

How Many CBD Cigarettes Can You Smoke Per Day?

Most people can get the desired benefits by smoking about 500mg to 1 gram of hemp flower daily. Smoking a few cigarettes per day is enough for most people. If you’re new to smoking hemp, you might benefit from dividing the cigarette up. For instance, you could enjoy one-third of it in the morning, one-third in the afternoon, and the last third before bedtime.

If you want to smoke more than one hemp cigarette per day, you certainly can. Some people do need more than 1 gram of hemp because they have a higher body weight or a higher tolerance to CBD. You may also need more CBD if you’re managing more serious symptoms, such as chronic pain or insomnia. People who are using hemp cigarettes to help them quit smoking cigarettes with tobacco may also find it helpful to smoke several per day.

It is doubtful that you would consume a toxic amount of CBD by smoking hemp flower, as the toxic dose of CBD is estimated to be around 20,000 mg. To put this into perspective, you would need to smoke an enormous amount of hemp flower in a short period of time to reach this dosage. 

If you smoke a bit more than you need, you may simply feel a little more worn out or tired than usual. If this happens, you can just cut back a little and smoke fewer CBD cigarettes daily.

How Long Does it Take for CBD Cigarettes to Kick In?

Inhaling CBD products is the fastest way to feel their effects. People often feel CBD kicking in within about 5 minutes of smoking a hemp cigarette. The effects should continue to build as you continue to smoke.

If you’ve been using CBD oil or CBD edibles and are tired of waiting over an hour for them to kick in, switching to smoking CBD cigarettes may be a good choice.

How long will the effects of CBD last? That varies from person to person, so you’ll have to do a little experimenting to see how long they last for you. Commonly, people can get at least a few hours of relaxation and relief after smoking CBD hemp flowers.

If you are using CBD to manage a specific health condition, like arthritis, be patient. While people often report some benefits after just one use, the benefits of CBD tend to build over time as CBD builds up in your system. After a few weeks of smoking CBD more often, you may notice a greater reduction in symptoms like pain and inflammation.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are generally considered safer than traditional smoking tobacco cigarettes since they do not contain nicotine or other chemical additives. However, there are a few potential side effects when smoking CBD.


CBD makes most people feel more relaxed. Sometimes, this effect is a little stronger than you might like. Smoking hemp cigarettes in the morning may make you feel a bit tired. Thankfully, there are ways to remedy this. 

You will likely feel less tired if you smoke a little less hemp the next time around. Try looking for a strain that does not contain CBN — this cannabinoid makes a lot of people feel tired. Some people also find that pairing their hemp cigarette with a cup of coffee or tea reduces the fatiguing effects thanks to the caffeine in these beverages.


Some people feel a little nauseous after smoking CBD. If this happens to you, try eating a small snack before you smoke your hemp cigarette. You may also want to try switching to a different hemp flower strain. Sometimes, smoking a cigarette with a milder flavor or a stronger filter can ease nausea.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common side effect that can occur after using any CBD product, but it is particularly common when using inhaled products like hemp cigarettes. If dry mouth becomes an issue for you, try chewing gum or sipping water throughout the day to help alleviate the discomfort. This simple action can go a long way in helping to keep your mouth moisturized and comfortable.

Throat Irritation

While hemp cigarettes are generally considered safe, you still inhale a combusted substance when you smoke them. Some of the compounds in the smoke may irritate your throat and lungs. If your throat starts to feel irritated, consider switching to a product with a better filter. You could also try dividing your hemp cigarette into smaller doses. For instance, smoke two or three puffs at a time instead of half a cigarette.

If throat irritation becomes a persistent issue while using CBD cigarettes, you may want to consider switching to a different type of CBD product. Options such as CBD vape pens or CBD oil may be more comfortable for you and relieve irritation.


What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Marijuana and hemp are the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. The two substances are differentiated by their THC content. Marijuana is defined as cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC by weight. Hemp is cannabis that contains less than 0.3 THC. Because hemp flowers have such a low THC level, they do not make you feel high. CBD cigarettes are made with hemp, not marijuana, and you will not feel high if you smoke them.

What are the benefits of CBD cigarettes?

Although many people smoke CBD cigarettes for relaxation and stress relief, they also have a number of other benefits. Some people smoke them to manage chronic pain. Customers report CBD helping manage arthritis, multiple sclerosis and nerve pain due to conditions like shingles or herniated discs.

People also use CBD cigarettes to help manage anxiety. Many customers like it because, unlike many prescription sleep medications, it is non-addictive and does not come with a risk of dependency.

Not only does it have the potential to alleviate anxiety and reduce pain, but it's also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it can help manage a range of conditions that involve inflammation, such as arthritis and infections.

How do you smoke a CBD cigarette?

To smoke a CBD cigarette, follow these steps:

  • Hold the filter end of the cigarette in your mouth.
  • Place a lighter on the other end of the cigarette and inhale slowly. The flame should come into direct contact with the cigarette.
  • When you see the cigarette start to glow with fire, you can remove the flame.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply to take in the smoke.

For the most enjoyable experience, inhale for a couple of seconds. Briefly hold the smoke in your lungs before exhaling slowly. If you desire, you can then take another puff. Put your mouth back on the filter end of the cigarette, inhale slowly, remove the cigarette from your mouth and then exhale.

You can keep smoking until the cigarette is gone, or you can smoke a few puffs and save the rest for later. If you want to save part of the cigarette, just tap the end gently on a hard, non-flammable surface to put out the flame. Later on, when you’re ready to smoke more, you can light the cigarette again with the same method.

Will hemp cigarettes make you cough?

This is not usual, but it may happen, especially with new hemp cigarette users. If a CBD cigarette is making you cough, try taking smaller puffs. You can also switch to a milder cigarette. Look for one with a better filter or for a brand that describes its products as “light” or “smooth.” Keeping a drink on hand and taking a sip after every puff can help ease coughing.

Are CBD cigarettes addictive?

Unlike traditional smoking tobacco cigarettes, CBD cigarettes are not known to be addictive. Some people use CBD cigarettes to help break their addiction to tobacco and quit smoking.

When people stop smoking tobacco, they often struggle with withdrawal symptoms such as irritation, headaches, restlessness, and nausea. CBD cigarettes can help alleviate these and for some, smoking a hemp cigarette can help ease cravings and the urge to put something in their mouth.

What do hemp cigarettes taste like?

The best hemp cigarettes are generally described as having an earthy, herbal taste that is stronger than a CBD vape product. The flavor can vary depending on the brand, the strain of hemp used and the type of rolling paper or filter.

Don't give up if you try a specific brand of hemp cigarette and do not like the flavor. You might like a different brand or variety a lot better. Seek out a brand made with varying strains of hemp or a different type of rolling paper. Rice-based wraps have a milder flavor than actual rolling papers. You may also want to try a flavored CBD cigarette. Some brands make fruity flavors like cherry or grape, which pair well mask some of the earthy hemp flavor.


If you're interested in trying CBD cigarettes, we highly recommend giving one of the top brands mentioned above a try! Smoking CBD can be a fast and effective way to experience the potential benefits of this helpful compound, whether you're looking for relief from insomnia, anxiety, everyday stress, or pain.

So go ahead and give CBD cigarettes a try — you deserve to feel your best! With a wide range of options to choose from, we're confident that you'll find a product that works for you and enhances your well-being. Happy shopping, and here's to feeling your best!