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Designed in Seattle - The Cleanest Socks for Dads, Grads

Positive change in all they do - celebrate with the most comfortable socks for the planet.

Presented by Positive change in all we do - celebrate Father's day with Arvin Goods. May 25, 2022

Arvin Goods is based right here in Seattle.  We love this city.  We created our company to try and make positive changes in all we do.  The word 'Arvin' is an Old English word meaning "friend of the people." 

We make clean basics by utilizing discarded fabric scraps to make the softest, best-fitting, and most responsibly made socks you can buy.  By using the fashion industry's waste stream for raw materials, we can minimize the resources needed to produce our products.  This, combined with a responsible, certified supply chain, makes our socks the best you can buy.

Socks are a product that we all use daily; they are the perfect gift for any event.  Everybody loves a fresh pair.  Shop our collection to get your Dad or Grad some fun, colorful socks designed for performance or just lounging and all-day comfort.  Use code:  SEATTLEMET at checkout for 15% off your order. 

Arvin Goods: Made For You, Worn For Good

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