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Get superior fresh meat delivered to your door from Blackbox Meats.

Seattleites have always appreciated supporting small business, and now that concept holds more weight than ever. Thankfully, forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Jeff Pugh, founder of Blackbox Meats, offer consumers a convenient way to order high-quality food they can feel good about supporting. In recent months, Pugh and his team have quickly adapted, ensuring that their ordering platform evolves with the industry—and our ever-changing world.

Pugh founded Blackbox Meats in 2019 with the aim of changing the way consumers buy meat. He’s a longtime veteran of the food service industry, having worked for Sysco Food Service for 15 years and learning the ropes from the global supplier. Although it’s possible to purchase high-quality meats in this country, Pugh says, this is typically done via mail order, and the goods arrive frozen. Pugh wanted to not only elevate the game but also connect local or regional suppliers directly with consumers in the marketplace. Consumers then get to create a luxury dining experience that helps them feel empowered and pampered—think fresh, high-end, dry-aged beef or domestic and Japanese Wagyu enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Blackbox Meats’ items include those you can’t find in grocery stores and would expect to see at a white-tablecloth establishment instead.

Blackbox Meats test kitchen

Blackbox Meats test kitchen

“The goal is to build a network that brings high-quality suppliers in direct contact with the consumer. This means products that are locally produced end up on tables of families across the region. It’s aimed to build community,” Pugh explains. “We’re constantly looking to support small businesses in every market,” he adds. In Seattle, they’ll partner with MacDonald Meat Company, a Seattle institution, for high-quality fresh steaks, as well as Sugar Mountain for its Beecher’s Cheese offerings. This means they’ll also be introducing the coveted Seattle-based cheese company to consumers in Irvine, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. “It all comes back to being sustainable within the local communities and beyond.”

What makes Blackbox Meats unique? To begin, steaks are fresh, and there’s no minimum order requirement. Request a dry-aged strip for your partner and a Norwegian salmon filet for yourself for a night in, beef fajitas and chorizo sausage when you’re hosting a large group, or a variety of other cuts that will satisfy every palate at your next dinner party. Plus, the brand-new Blackbox Meats app makes the process extremely easy and incredibly efficient. If you’re located within the delivery area, which centers in King County and expands to Pierce and Snohomish counties, you could hypothetically order a single prime filet and have it delivered and on the table by dinnertime.

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In addition, Blackbox is unique in that the company manages everything on the back end, from customer service to courier delivery services with a food-centric approach and expertise. “Everyone behind the scenes specializes in the food industry,” Pugh says. Even though, theoretically, others could develop similar technology, Pugh stands out thanks to his personal experience and established relationships within the tight-knit community. He knows how to find the right supplier in any market. “It’s exciting to me,” Pugh says. “We get to bring the best-quality products directly to the customer’s front door and support the suppliers who made it all happen.”

Prime steak, sausages, and ribs prepared for cooking

Prime cut meats delivered to your door from Blackbox Meats.

Pugh explains, “We are not a meat company, but we know the meat business and have found a beautiful way to work with the best suppliers, like Mac Meats, so families can enjoy the same high-quality cuts at home that they would normally only find at a fine-dining restaurant.”  “For us, it’s bringing quality, community, and innovation together, and Seattle is a place where people really understand that concept.”

To get a taste of Pugh’s locally sourced, modern-day meat counter, sign up for your first order from Blackbox Meats today, and create an elevated home dining experience you won’t soon forget at

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