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When your mode of transportation is a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle with a cucumber-shaped sidecar, your daily life could be described as slightly peculiar. And that is Mark Stoddard’s charge. As the Brand Ambassador for Hendrick’s Gin, which is distilled in tiny batches in Scotland, Mark’s goal is to spread the interesting, peculiar story of Hendrick’s Gin. And it’s not hard to find people willing to listen.

Maybe it’s the English cucumber-inspired sidecar or the dapper apparel, combined with the friendly demeanor and passion for cocktails and spirits, but people approach Mark wherever he goes. They take photos, share their own affinity for Hendrick’s Gin, and engage with him. He responds with a passion and knowledge that invites them to keep asking questions. It’s exactly these curious individuals he wants to tell the Hendrick’s story.

“We try to attract people that are open to adventure, open to explore the world, want to explore new flavors and new experiences,” said Mark. “Hendrick’s isn’t for everyone. It’s loved by a tiny handful of people around the world, who have the same ideals we do. Who seek to enjoy the peculiar and, perhaps, unexpectedly delightful things in life.” He spends his days finding ways to excite and delight these people, just like Hendrick’s Gin does.

With 11 different botanicals from across the globe and unique infusions of cucumber and rose petal, Hendrick’s Gin has an extraordinary flavor that one must taste in order to fully comprehend. “I love it when I meet new people and they tell me that they are unsure if they like gin. The moment they taste Hendrick’s you can see their whole world change,” explains Mark. “The key is getting people to try it. Nothing tastes like Hendrick’s because nothing is made like Hendrick’s.”

To welcome them, Mark teaches cocktail classes, using a variety of seasonal, local produce. He also spends time exploring each city he visits. “One of the best ways to unlock a city is to experience the local establishments, whether it’s a restaurant bar, a dive bar or an established cocktail bar,” said Mark. “You can get a really intimate sense of the city, meet new friends, taste amazing ingredients behind the bar and the drinks being served.”

And when a cocktail class feels too ordinary, he hosts unusual experiences, like setting up an apothecary shop, where people can smell, taste, and touch the 11 different botanicals found in Hendrick’s Gin. He’s been known to mix a martini 10,000 feet above the earth floating in a hot air balloon, under a tropical waterfall, flying in a 130-foot long cucumbershaped zeppelin airship and someday, he hopes, deep below the sea in a submarine. “Does a martini taste different in the depths beneath the Pacific ocean?” Mark asks. Who knows, but exploration and adventure is at the heart of Hendrick’s Gin, and Mark spends his days making sure to explore all life has to offer, Hendrick’s martini in hand.

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