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There are hot pot restaurants outfitted with huge tables where you bring the whole crew. Then there are the hot pot places better suited for a smaller group or a duo, where the happy hour is solid and the menu pleasantly varied. Morfire is the latter. The concrete-neutral room on 12th Avenue serves the boiling hot soup dish Thai style: Tom kha coconut milk or tangy tamarind soup broths act as the bubbling base for Pacific Northwest–procured ingredients, from thin slices of pork to leafy, fresh bok choy. It’s a subtler cousin to fiery-spiced Taiwanese hot pots, but no less satisfying. The dishes that perhaps deliver bolder flavors are stir-fried, like a big nest of glass noodles cooked in a searing cast iron pan with cabbage, beef, and chile-lime sauce.

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Dinner, Happy Hour, Lunch
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1806 12th Ave, Ste 100, Seattle, WA, 98122
Mon–Fri 11:30–3, 5–10<br>Sat noon–10<br>Sun noon–9