Editor at Large

James Ross Gardner is the former editor in chief of Seattle Met. During his time as top editor the magazine won numerous awards, including the national City and Regional Magazine Association's award for general excellence, twice (in 2015 and 2018). While at Seattle Met, James's writing has garnered 14 first place awards from the regional chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and has been a finalist for seven national CRMA awards. His work has also appeared in Esquire, GQ, and The New York Times, among others. He lives in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood.

Books & Talks

TONIGHT: Jonathan Evison at Elliott Bay Book Co

The Bainbridge Island author reads from his latest novel, West of Here.

02/16/2011 By James Ross Gardner


This Product Will Change Your Life

How a game, an actor, and mentor-driven startup program TechStars helped alter Seattle tech entrepreneurship (and maybe celebrities) forever.

02/01/2011 By James Ross Gardner


Bleep of Faith

Penn Jillette of Showtime’s Penn and Teller: Bullshit! doesn’t hate you.

01/18/2011 By James Ross Gardner

Film Review

Jeff Bridges Reprises an Old Role in Tron: Legacy

Too bad it’s the wrong old role.

12/16/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Who Nuked My Cheese?

In November, workers at the decommissioned Hanford plutonium production site discovered mouse droppings that made their Geiger counters hiss like cats. Now the Hanforders are on the hunt for the radioactive mouse.

12/13/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Naked Hunch

Curt Lew, whose Bellevue-based Emit Technologies makes security equipment, says he and his team have built a less intrusive full-body scanner: the People Portal II.

12/13/2010 By James Ross Gardner

Get Out

52 Weekends

Getaways, adventures, and road trips for every weekend of the year.

12/10/2010 By James Ross Gardner With Lia Steakley Dicker, Olivia Margoshes, and Rachel Sturtz


School of Knox

As former UW student and convicted murderer Amanda Knox comes up for appeal in an Italian courtroom, her most vigorous supporters come from her old high school, Seattle Prep.

11/08/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Battlestar Galactica Gets the Seattle Treatment

Holy frakking ship! The Cylons invade EMP—a recap.

10/26/2010 By James Ross Gardner


What You Missed When You Missed Last Night’s Cookbook Author Roundtable

Aphrodisiacs, doughnuts, and the saddest oyster tale ever.

10/21/2010 By James Ross Gardner


’Scuse Me While I Sue This Guy

The good news, Hendrix fans: out November 16 is a four-disc box set chock full of rarities, West Coast Seattle Boy. The bad news: the Jimi Hendrix estate has become "the single most litigious in rock and roll history.”

10/11/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Northwest Exposure

Chase Jarvis made a career with images of fast people in far-flung places. Then he pointed his camera at his hometown. The result: the book Seattle 100: Portrait of a City.

10/11/2010 By James Ross Gardner

Pop Watch

Guillermo del Toro Talks Movies, Monsters, and Mad Men

The good news: We attended the EMP event you missed last night. The bad news: Humans still suck.

10/01/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Small Town, Washington

Ten fall getaways to historic hamlets, country villages, and sweet rural spots.

09/15/2010 By James Ross Gardner

Washington Wine

10 Top Winery Visits

The best Washington wine destinations: Cave B, Chateau Ste Michelle, Portteus, Northstar, Col Solare, Abeja, Novelty Hill-Januik, Nefarious Cellars, Badger Mountain Vineyard, and L’Ecole No 41.

08/17/2010 By James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, and Lia Steakley Dicker

Food Lovers' Guide

Food Lovers’ Guide

Fascinated by the Seattle food world? Welcome to a feast of sumptuous edibles and rising culinary stars.

07/21/2010 With Jess Thomson, James Ross Gardner, Christopher Werner, Judy Naegeli, and Caitlin King By Jessica Voelker

Food Lovers' Guide

Fresh Faces!

The people we find most fascinating in the Seattle food scene right now.

07/20/2010 By Jess Thomson, James Ross Gardner, Jessica Voelker, and Christopher Werner


The L Word

In the race to oust three-term U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Dino Rossi is toast. Again.

07/20/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Vital Signs

Hospital emergency rooms like Highline Medical Center are gambling on state-of-the-art services and a commitment to customer service to attract patients.

07/11/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Fairview Fanny and the Angel of Death

How The Seattle Times broke the story of a lifetime, investigated a killer, and rescued itself from irrelevancy.

06/17/2010 By James Ross Gardner