Want to write for us? Here’s how.

As needed, Seattle Met commissions and assigns articles by freelance writers who submit original story pitches according to the following guidelines.

A. Be smart but not pretentious, funny but not mean spirited, celebratory but not sycophantic, introspective but not navel gazing.
B. Be warned that you will be edited. We’re fussy as all get-out about quality reporting, solid facts, zingy style and a sense of humor. Aside from that, we’re pretty nice people.


1.  Send us no more than three clips. (If you don’t have a clip, write us a restaurant review.)
2.  Send us a resume or a summary of your experience.
3.  Send us one one-page story proposal, big or little, in Seattle Met style.

We’ll consider freelancers to work on the following departments:

  •  Mudroom “Talk of the Town”–type articles and sidebars that put a fresh spin on local news, trends, and personalities.
  •  News Feature Major news stories written in a creative style and based on solid reporting.
  •  Weekend Pass Travel stories of interest to Seattleites.
  •  Elements of Style A look inside a unique boutique, plus must-have fashion items and style tips.
  •  Habitat Ways to spruce up your domicile—with lighting or tiles or antiques—and profiles of designers and great-looking homes (house or apartment), newly built or renovated, focusing on the client and the design process.
  •  Pour A peek inside the exciting world of Seattle potables with an emphasis on the people behind the drinks—craft brewers, coffee roasters, wine and spirit makers—plus shopping picks, recipes, and home bar tips.

Send it all to:
writers at seattlemet.com

No phone calls, please.