Alex Pedersen, a legislative aide to city council member Tim Burgess, categorically denies that he's running for city council against (soon-to-be-) Northeast Seattle city council member Jean Godden (city council members, previously elected at-large, will be elected by geographical district starting in 2015). 

His denial comes despite the fact that he has created a web site featuring images of his photogenic family and ran an ad today (or, as he calls it, a "newsletter") in the Northeast Seattle edition of the Seattle Times.

Pedersen confirms he paid for the ad himself, but he says, "I am not running against Jean Godden." However, our conversation left open the possibility that Pedersen would run if Godden didn't.

"The newsletter is just [aimed at] connecting neighbors and engaging neighbors, with a couple of fun things to do and then a couple of more serious things to look at," Pedersen says.

His web site features Wallingford's RoRo Barbecue, ArtVentures at the Henry Art Gallery, the recent Neighborhood Summit, and the upcoming vote to preserve Metro bus service. 

Godden has filed to run for reelection in 2015, but, so far, has only reported "raising" $2,200, which came from Godden's personal bank account. 



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