When Spitfire owner Jerry Everard said music and restaurant biz entrepreneur Dave Meinert and the crowd of 19 club owners and nightlife advocates who endorsed state Sen. Ed Murray for mayor didn't speak for the whole scene, Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner dubbed it a "Hipster Fight!"

(We're not sure a bunch of 40-something dudes qualify as hipsters, but yeah, pretty much. Weird, though, Everard, who maxed to McGinn last year, contributed $250 to Murray this July).

The hipster wars may have been settled today, though. After the the announcement that former McGinn supporter Meinert, along with other nightlife leaders (and other former McGinn supporters such as Crocodile Cafe owner and Local 360 owner Marcus Charles, and Neumos owners Mike Meckling and Steven Severin), were supporting Murray—we pointed out a notable absence from the constellation, Linda Derschang, the owner of Linda's on Capitol Hill.

In mini-coup today, Derschang, who also owns popular spots like Oddfellows, King's Hardware, and Smith—endorsed Murray.

“Honestly, it would be easier and less risky for me to sit on the sidelines and let the chips fall where they will. But there’s too much at stake,” Dershang said in a statement. “Re-developing the waterfront, economic development outside of downtown, and a commitment to improving public safety are just three areas where Ed’s experience and ability to deliver results make him the better choice. I know a lot of us who own businesses want Seattle to be the best Seattle it can be, which means the City needs to be an agile partner.”

We have a message out to Derschang.

Murray led the way on repealing the controversial "dance tax"—a tax on clubs and bars that provided the "opportunity to dance" that had been on the books for years but wasn't enforced; eliminating the tax, by the way, eliminated nearly $900,000 in potential state funding this biennium. 

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