1. Winner: Mayor Mike McGinn. 

Just in time for his reelection campaign, Mayor Mike McGinn announced a budget proposal today that includes millions in extra expenditures, thanks to the extra revenues from the improved economy. 

The budget includes additional funding for housing for domestic-violence victims, more money for senior-service centers, money for 15 new cops, and funding to fix the pay disparity between women and men at the city. 

All great goals, and great for McGinn to be proposing a budget during the first mayoral reelection campaign since the mid-2000s when the economy has actually improved enough for the mayor to add money rather than subtracting it.

"He’s a lucky guy. He gets to actually have a fourth year where he gets to spread around a little joy," council president Sally Clark, who's endorsed McGinn's rival, state Sen. Ed Murray, jokes. 

2. Winner: Mayoral candidate state Sen. Ed Murray (D-43, Capitol Hill)


State Rep. Eric Pettigrew

Murray picked up some impressive endorsements from two Southeast Seattle African American leaders today, state Rep. Eric Pettigrew (D-37, SE Seattle) and former Southeast Seattle state rep Dawn Mason.

Both Pettigrew, a moderate Democrat mostly known in Olympia for pushing teacher evaluations and charters, and Mason, a longtime civil rights leader, had endorsed City Council member Bruce Harrell in the primary; Harrell, the only minority candidate running for mayor, had a strong showing in Southeast Seattle in his losing primary bid where Murray is perceived as trailing McGinn.

Footnote: the recent KING 5 poll actually showed Murray only a few points behind McGinn (40-36) with African American voters while 25 percent were undecided. 


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