Department of Justice Report On SPD Coming Tomorrow

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 15, 2011

The Department of Justice says it's releasing the findings of its investigation into "patterns and practices" (aka allegations of misconduct) in the Seattle Police Department at a press conference tomorrow.

DOJ began reviewing SPD's department policies a bit less than a year ago, following several high-profile allegations of officer misconduct, including the fatal police shooting of John T. Williams.

While it might not mean anything, it seems noteworthy that the DOJ's scathing report on Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for "systematic" civil rights violations—issued earlier today—took three years to complete, three times as long as the feds spent investigating SPD.

Also, the DOJ's holding its press conference on a Friday, which is typically where news goes to die.

In the last few months, law enforcement sources have told PubliCola they expect the DOJ will rap SPD for a few things, but won't bring the hammer down and make a dreaded consent decree, which would mandate major changes in the department and pretty much crush destroy the department's already controversial reputation.

I guess we'll find out soon.


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