A somewhat abbreviated version today, because most of the major races have been decided, and the one that hasn't appears headed for a recount.

Bobby Forch, who still has not officially conceded, continues to flounder after initially closing much of the gap between himself and city council incumbent Jean Godden. Forch, at 48.99 percent, remains more than 2,600 votes behind Godden, who has 50.61 percent. With few votes remaining, it looks like Forch is headed for defeat. His consultant, John Wyble, says Forch plans to "talk to a few supporters over the weekend" before making a statement on Monday.

In Bellevue, the race for an open city council seat remained too close to call, with a mere 88 votes between retired attorney John Stokes, in the lead at exactly 50 percent, and Kemper Freeman-backed businessman Aaron Laing, with 49.7 percent.

And school board challenger Sharon Peaslee widened her lead over incumbent Peter Maier, who is now losing with 49.38 percent of the vote to Peaslee's 50.25 percent.
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