The latest vote drop only narrowed the vote in two close city (Seattle and Bellevue) races, while increasing challenger Sharon Peaslee's margin over Seattle School Board member Peter Maier.

In the race for Seattle City Council position 1, challenger Bobby Forch now has 48.55 percent to incumbent Jean Godden's 50.77 percent. The gap between the two is now just over 3,000 votes.

Forch's campaign consultant, John Wyble, said earlier today that he was hoping Forch would narrow the gap to about 1,000 votes. (I have a call out to Wyble to get his reaction to the latest numbers). However, there are other factors that could influence the outcome. If turnout in Seattle is higher than the 53 percent projected, and if Forch continues to get a larger percentage of each successive vote drop, he could close the gap. Additionally, some 6,000 ballots have been challenged in Seattle for mismatched or missing signatures. If the vote ends up extremely close, Wyble says, the campaign will chase down those challenged ballots in precincts where Forch did well. "There's a slim window of opportunity there," Wyble says.

In the race between Seattle School Board incumbent Peter Maier and challenger Sharon Peaslee, Peaslee is now above 50 percent, with 50.08 percent to Maier's 49.56 percent---a gap of just 742 votes. Maier ended election night 4.24 points ahead of Peaslee.

And in the race for an open seat on the Bellevue City Council, the margin between John Stokes and Aaron Laing continues to close---retired attorney Stokes is just 64 votes ahead of Kemper Freeman-backed businessman Laing, with 49.97 percent to Laing's 49.75 percent.
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