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The C Is For Congratulations: Light Rail Passes Major Test

By Erica C. Barnett November 23, 2010

Photo via West Seattle Blog.

Update: Smooth sailing this morning too, as light rail whizzed past swerving cars and icy streets into downtown Seattle on its regular 10-minute-headway schedule.

As Seattle Transit Blog noted in the post we linked in Fizz this morning, light rail from SeaTac to downtown has been running like a dream throughout the snowstorm, with only occasional delays (20 minutes this morning between Stadium and SeaTac stations, for example). That's in marked contrast to Metro---which hasn't been able to run even snow routes at full capacity due to packed ice on the roads---and driving (last night, it got so bad that some idiots drivers were actually abandoning their cars on I-5).

My commute this morning? Ten minutes through the snow to the station, the usual five minutes' wait at the station, then 20 minutes by rail into downtown Seattle.

I'm pointing this out not to gloat (although I did show remarkable foresight in moving to Southeast Seattle) but to point out that rail, unlike buses, doesn't get stuck in traffic or weather. Just another reason to expand the system throughout the city.
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