On Other Blogs Today: Gov. Rick Perry Says Washington Businesses Should Move to Texas if 1098 Passes

By Erica C. Barnett October 21, 2010

1) On Crosscut, the P-I's former architecture critic takes issue with the design for the new South Lake Union Park.

2) The's Strange Bedfellows blog reports on MSNBC interview with Dino Rossi, who—finally asked point blank to defend all the undisclosed corporate money that's funding anti-Murray ads—says that although "in an ideal world," all political dollars would go directly through campaigns and be disclosed, "that's not the way the system works."

3) Independent groups have spent $4.5 million on Murray/Rossi ads during three days of this week alone, the News Tribune's Political Buzz blog reports.

4) State AG Ron McKenna's daughter, UW student body president Madeleine McKenna, kicked off today's Obama rally; as the News-Tribune's Political Buzz blog notes, her politics differ a bit from her dad's.

5) Over at Slog, check out Eli Sanders' writeup of President Obama's backyard Q&A with Seattle residents and business owners, including a killer photo of the presidential shoes.

6) The Seattle Times' Politics Northwest blog reports that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is inviting Washington State businesses to move to Texas---one of a handful of states without any income tax---if I-1098, the high-earners' income tax, passes in November.

7) Infrastructurist weighs in on proposals across the country (like the one currently under discussion in Seattle) to increase the cost of on-street metered parking.

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