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Port CEO "Forgot" Where He Lived... For Three Years?

By Erica C. Barnett May 31, 2010

Emily Heffter over at the Seattle Times had a good scoop late last week: Port of Seattle CEO Tay Yoshitani  voted in Seattle elections for several years despite living in Bellevue. Yoshitani voted regularly over the years in the 7th Congressional District and in City Council, property-tax, and mayoral elections. State law requires voters to register to vote at their "traditional residence," i.e., the place where they live. (It was a bad week for Yoshitani. We had some news on the Port CEO too: He distributed and subsequently apologized for distributing an NRA-produced video to Port employees).

One thing the Times let slide, though, was Yoshitani's statement that his inaccurate report of residency—he was registered to vote at his Port office, on Alaskan Way in downtown Seattle—had simply slipped his attention until last month, when he changed his registration to reflect the fact that he lives in Bellevue. Yoshitani has actually lived in Bellevue since 2007, when he bought his current house for $910,000.

In other words, Yoshitani claimed that he failed to notice he was voting for the wrong member of Congress, the wrong city's mayor, the wrong city council, the wrong county council member, and the wrong tax initiatives for three years. That's a claim that defies credulity—and one that the Times should have questioned more strenuously.
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