Last year at bumbershoot, I was miserable. It was my first August in Seattle, my first time at Bumbershoot and I was determined to see everything. Alas, I quickly realized my itinerary’s insignificance when compared to the heaving behemoth of music, film and literature that is Bumbershoot.

So this year, I’m going to improvise: I'm going to  plan each day around one show, and aside from that well fuck it, I’m sure I’ll run into something cool.

Here are the there key shows that will anchor my days:

Saturday: Telekinesis @ EMP Sky Church 8:00PM



Telekinesis’ Michael Lerner is charm with a drum set. He sings insular pop melodies in the vein of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and corrals them with tight snare hits. The songs are two-minute explosions of joy and Michael’s right there in the eye of it, pounding away with spastic muppet abandon.

Sunday:| Common Market @ Fisher Green 5:45PM



See Mad Rad, party rap and basic human decency doesn’t have to be separated. Sabzi’s beats are smooth synth-y commands to dance and MC RA Scion spits blue-collar fire.

Monday: Akron/Family @ Broad Street Stage 6:00PM


Akron/Family’s “Everyone is Guilty” is a perfect summation of the band’s killer live chops. It starts with a molten drum circle which builds to full on “Iron Man” riffage.

But before it peaks, the band drops their guitars for a string section and the song glides out on a symphonic breeze straight from Motown. Plus, imagine the triumphant sing-a-long “River” in its proper festival setting. Chills.
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