PubliQuestion and Answer with The Lonely Forest

By MusicNerd July 27, 2009


PubliCola: How's block party been so far?

Tony: It's cool. To even be playing at the same event as Sonic Youth is unbelievable.

PubliCola: How do you think your show went?

Braydn: Great!

Eric: I think Seattle is still getting acquainted to us

PubliCola: You guys have been in a band together since high school right?

Eric: Well, no, not really

John: We're all from Anacortes, we all grew up within a half mile radius of each other

Braydn: But we were in different high school bands. My band used to hate [John's] band

Publicola: Why?

John: Because we were better

PubliCola: So did you guys write all your songs together [in Anacortes]?

John: Well, I've written lyrics in a bunch of different places. In Canada, in Kenya

PubliCola: Kenya?

John: I volunteered at an orphanage there for a while. I was there when Obama was elected and the night of the election I had to stay in a hotel because if he lost there would have been riots, but he won and it was like Jesus came back, people were waving palm fronds. I'd like to go back someday.

Eric: We can go back together and ride bikes at night without helmets

John: At night? No not at night, there are hippos on the roads then

PubliCola: Hippos are really dangerous

Eric: Can you out run a hippo?

John: They will destroy you

John: Where I stayed at night I could hear the hippos outside and these, like, alien insects and I was there, in my bed under a mosquito net with a headlamp on, just scrawling lyrics in a notepad.

PubliCola: You guys met [super producer/ Deathcab for Cutie member] Chris Walla?

Eric: He was really grounded

John: It was nice, we touched base about our record, what he liked what he thought we should change. He basically said he liked our core sound.

Tony: Which is nice to hear from someone you really respect

John: We just got a new manager, a new booking agent. It's really a family feel. Everyone is from the Seattle area or Washington or whatever. I feel like we're building something, we're trying to master our craft and we've got a team of supportive people. Hopefully we're growing into something.

Eric: (smiling) Things are happening.
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