Live-ish Blogging: Soto Hearings, Part 2

By ObamaNerd July 13, 2009

sotomayorhearings2 We're back.  And we're all WASTED. Who knew that activism, empathy and Latina would be so overused. Awesome drinking game.

Round up of the remaining Committee members. Never underestimate the desire of an elected official to wax philosophical for several minutes. Jesus.  Hot Air Alert!  I understand everyone wants a piece of this history, but mix it up a bit. And lots of references to baseball. Soooooo sick of this analogy .

Sen. Spector's first hearings as a Democrat, 8 other confirmation hearings as a Republican.  We're breaking all sorts of ground here, people.

Senator Franken. Very serious and somber. Jesus. Where is the comedy?

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand (go New York) nominate.  Senator Gillibrand gets interrupted for her waaaaay too long speech. Girl, Interrupted alert!

Ok, now Sonia Sotomayor's swearing in and statement.  Thank Christ. She provides her extensive background and thanks her Mom, which was a nice touching moment.  She mentions her biggest case as the Major League Baseball strike.  She underscores her intent to interpret and apply the law, not to make the law.  Her judicial philosophy is clearly:  "fidelity to the law".  She thanks the President and the Committee for the opportunity.  Very demure.  The key here, as Senator Lindsay Graham mentioned in his earlier remarks, is that she needs to keep it together and not fall apart.  So far so good.  But this won't be a statement repeated in the history books. Full text here.

Another break. God these old white men need to pee a lot. Oops, this break is for the day.  Back tomorrow at 9:30 am central.

Overall, not a lot of fireworks.  A few audience outbursts.  No slamming statements, no great statements vis a vis a Ted Kennedy's "Robert Bork's America" statement.  A lot of re-hashing of the Fox News or Democratic talking points.

Confirmation fun fact:  Senator Patrick Leahy, Judiciary Committee Chair, is a Dead Head.
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