Birthers Got Served

By ObamaNerd July 27, 2009

HorsesAss has a great YouTube video of Congressional Republicans getting ambushed and asked their opinion on the whole "Birther Movement", which, not coincidentally, is very similar to a bowel movement.  Check out the opinions of Washington's own Reps. McMorris Rodgers and Reichert.

I had been debating for the last week whether or not to post something about Birthers.  I hate giving these right-wing oddballs any more play than CNN already gives them. Then I realized something quite magical. The same week that Sarah Palin is to step down from her role as Alaska Governor, the Birther Movement hits a frenzy.  Coincidence?  I say no.  Palin Kool-aid drinkers are made up of the same whack-a-doo DNA that Birthers are.  And boy are they in a lather lately.

The thing that was so great about McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate last year was that it brought the lunatic fringe (i.e. hate-filled racists) front and center and painted them as the base of Republican support. It repelled Independent, more moderate voters into the Obama camp.  Guess what?  So does the Birther Movement.  And the cherry on the sundae:  Rush Limbaugh also is fanning the Birther Movement.  So yet one more opportunity for a leading Republican to denounce Rush and then turn around and apologize.  ObamaNerd = Loves it and wants some more of it.

So what does the White House think of the whole dust up?  Behold, Robert Gibbs at today's White House briefing...awesome in its subdued, downplayed glory:


They must be loving it.  It makes that whole Gates arrest seem like a lifetime ago.

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