If You Understand How You're Feeling

By MusicNerd June 25, 2009



Heatwarmer, man!

Freshman year of college, I had a Jam Band friend. He was deep in. There was "a groove," he said, and over the course of a four hour concert, he would simply "slip into it, a space-less indeterminate moment, and you feel it and raise your hands above your head and fucking jam man." That's what a live performance was to him; a molten groove with such a brilliant glow it was mesmerizing just to watch it flow.

I didn't get it.

But you get what's coming right? Heatwarmer.

At the Healthy Times Fun Club, a basementy basement with exposed pipes and DIYourselfness, I felt it. Heatwarmer blasted into jam, the bassist's back  to the audience, his fro bouncing to the syncopated beats and something inside of me said, “What the fuck?!”

What followed that initial burst was a enchanting stream of lounge rhythms, epic electric saxophone solos and piano breakdowns with broadway musical melodrama. In retrospect it was a pretty strange mix, but that confusion was all a part of the ecstasy. If you understand how you're feeling how can you be overwhelmed?

Conclusion: You should really see Heatwarmer live.

Heatwarmer play the Comet Tavern on June 28th

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