In the past decade, Seattle has experienced one of the greatest growth spurts in its history—with major transformations in politics, arts, dining, the economy, and real estate. Below, an in-depth look at some of the events that shaped our city into what it is today. 

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10 Years That Changed a City

2006: Ehren Watada Fights Deployment

Plus the Seahawks' first Super Bowl appearance and the deadly Hanukkah Eve Wind Storm.

03/04/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

10 Years That Changed a City

2007: Kindle Takes Books Digital

It hit the market in November 2007 and sold out in five hours. And why on earth wouldn’t it?

03/04/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

10 Years That Changed A City

2008: Washington Mutual Bank Collapses

It was by far the biggest bank failure in history—and doom-and-gloomers feared downtown would become a ghost town.

03/04/2016 Photography by Eric Scigliano

10 Years That Changed a City

2009: Sound Transit Connects Downtown to Sea-Tac

Seattle hasn’t only outgrown its 1970s parochialism—it’s also outgrown its city limits and evolved into a bona fide metropolitan region.

03/04/2016 By Josh Feit

10 Years That Changed A City

2010: Seattle Veers Hard Left

Seattle has always been left of center, even an exemplar left coast city. But it wasn’t until recently that the fierce left was a legit force to be reckoned with.

03/04/2016 By Josh Feit

10 Years That Changed a City

2011: The Dams Come Down

It remains the largest dam removal in history. But when the Elwha and Glines Canyon Dams on the Elwha River near Port Angeles were disassembled, they left little more than wild-looking bends in the river.

03/04/2016 By Allison Williams

10 Years That Changed A City

2012: The DOJ Steps in to Right Seattle Police Wrongs

Plus: legal recreational marijuana, gay marriage, and a Great Wheel on the waterfront.

03/04/2016 By James Ross Gardner

10 Years That Changed A City

2013: Macklemore, and Seattle Hip-Hop, Go Mainstream

There’s a palpable civic pride—and renewed engagement—in the very idea of local music because our guy made it big.

03/04/2016 By Seth Sommerfeld

10 Years That Changed A City

2014: The Seahawks Win the Super Bowl

For Seattle, the game offered a chance at redemption—not just for the franchise that had lost its only other Super Bowl, but also for the sports community.

03/04/2016 By Matthew Halverson

10 Years That Changed A City

2015: Real Estate Loses Its Mind

This was the year that the housing affordability gap yawned wide like an angry fault line between socioeconomic strata.

03/10/2016 By Matthew Halverson

The Decade In Dining

The Rise of the Restaurant Empire

Tom Douglas, Ethan Stowell, Matt Dillon—they all have one. What the emergence of the chef-driven restaurant group says about Seattle's restaurant culture.

03/03/2016 By Kathryn Robinson

10 Years That Changed a City

Making the Magazine

Former Seattle Met staffers share their favorite behind-the-scenes stories.

03/04/2016 By Seattle Met Staff

The Decade in Fashion

Seattle Style Is Global

The decade has seen a spike in opportunities and a citywide brain trust—extending from tech to food and aerospace to sustainability—draw newcomers with good outfits and great bank accounts.

03/04/2016 By Laura Cassidy

2006 – 2016

A Decade of Covers

Since March 2006, Seattle Met has appeared on newsstands—and in subscriber mailboxes—all over the city and the region. Here, to commemorate the magazine’s 10-year anniversary, are all 124 covers.

02/22/2016 By Seattle Met Staff