TODAY’S PHYSICIANS can eradicate cancers and mend broken bones, but they also treat issues that clinicians of yore likely didn’t consider: a deadly synthetic drug, malicious misinformation, the murky line between health care and faith. How are contemporary practitioners tending to these novel issues? Let’s just say unorthodox methods are exactly what these doctors ordered.

In This Feature:

Rise of the TikTok Doc

Local physicians Dr. Grace Chang, Dr. Lora Shahine, and Dr. Tessa Commers drop medical knowledge one social media video at a time.

09/06/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

What Will It Take to End the Fentanyl Epidemic?

Dr. Caleb Banta-Green explains why a low-barrier treatment program for treating opiod addictions can help, and why there's a holdup.

09/06/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Losing Religion from Health Care

When medical matters and matters of faith collide, licensed marriage and family therapist Angela Day toes a careful line.

09/06/2022 By Angela Cabotaje