Kids get sick. Kids get hurt. It’s part of growing up. But how do you keep them abidingly healthy, beyond the occasional cold or scraped knee? Some answers are simple in abstract—eat vegetables, keep active—but tougher in daily practice. Some remain questions themselves. When should you give your kid a phone? Should school be outside? Firmer answers are still in the future, but the time to start thinking is now. 

In This Feature:

5 Ways to Get Kids to Love Produce

How to get picky eaters to stop arguing and embrace the brassicas.

11/26/2019 By Stefan Milne

Does Your Kid Need a Digital Detox?

Kids’ fixation on digital devices shows no sign of powering down. Is it time for technological temperance?

11/26/2019 By Emily Alhadeff

Washington's Outdoor Preschools Let Kids Embrace Nature

They might offer health benefits, too.

11/26/2019 By Stefan Milne

7 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids in Motion

Exercise doesn’t need to be football or laps around the track.

11/26/2019 By Lily Hansen and Courtney Cummings

What the Heck Is a Walking School Bus?

One local researcher revives a bygone practice—the stroll to school.

11/26/2019 By Lily Hansen