Call it the Fauci Effect,  or just a corollary of some schools waiving MCAT scores last cycle, but interest in becoming a doctor has never been higher. The University of Washington School of Medicine received a 26 percent bump in applications for the entering class of 2021 compared to the previous year, and other medical schools across the country experienced similar surges as Covid-19 cases climbed. Makes sense, right? We feted all those doctors donning PPE. But peeling back the emotional layers of those white coats reveals that glory only comes after a fraught road to a hospital’s halls. Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

In This Feature:

Abroadening the Medical School Search

The average cost of medical school is one thing. The residency matches are another. Some aspiring doctors opt for medical schools abroad.

09/06/2021 By Benjamin Cassidy

Tough Residency Pills to Swallow

Medical residency programs are notorious. Residents from Swedish Medical Center and Virginia Mason tell all.

09/06/2021 By Benjamin Cassidy

Overcoming the Burnout Blowup

Medical professionals should look in, then out, to clear career exhaustion during the Covid-19 crisis (and beyond).

09/06/2021 By Benjamin Cassidy