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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Al Farrow: Divine Ammunition

Editor’s Pick 11:00 AM $12 Bellevue Arts Museum

In a world divided by religious differences, Al Farrow possesses an artistic arsenal capable of piercing our collective conscience. In Divine Ammunition, the...

All American: Three Centuries of Printmaking by American Immigrant Artists

10:00 AM Free Davidson Galleries

It's almost insulting to have to say, "Immigrants were vital to what we now know as the American art aesthetic," but we live in fun times. So yeah, that's to...

Archipenko: A Modern Legacy

11:00 AM Free Frye Art Museum

Ukrainian-born sculptor Alexander Archipenko created works of art devoted to his interest in abstraction as a means of novelty. Archipenko: A Modern Legacy b...

Art Deco Glass from the Huchthausen Collection

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $15 Museum of Glass

Enjoy a tour back to the style moderne of the 1920s and 30s when devoted collector and artist David Huchthausen displays an assortment of art deco pieces fro...

Daniel Carrillo: Studio Visit

Editor’s Pick 10:30 PM Free Greg Kucera Gallery

For his 2012 exhibition at Greg Kucera Gallery, photographer Daniel Carrillo took ambrotype portraits of local artists. He continues that journey with his ne...

FoodArt Invitational

7:30 AM Free Joe Bar

The purpose of food art isn't only to make your mouth water. It also serves as a means of investigating ideas about our cultures, religions, and political cl...

Fred Lisaius: Thrive

11:00 AM Free Patricia Rovzar Gallery

Fred Lisaius finds solace in the depths of nature. Thrive continues the local painter's appreciation of the natural world with a collection featuring his dis...

Preston Singletary: Premonitions of Water

10:00 AM Free Traver Gallery Seattle

While Preston Singletary couldn't craft his blown and carved glass marvels without fire, its elemental counterbalance remains essential in the artist's mind....

Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor

10:00 AM $33 Pacific Science Center

In terms of grand archaeological discoveries, little tops the Terracotta Army. In 1974, Chinese farmers discovered the 2,200-year-old tomb of China’s first e...


Spiral Stairs

8:00 PM $10 Sunset Tavern

As a founding member of Pavement, Scott Kannberg (aka Spiral Stairs) helped create the template for modern indie rock (Slanted and Enchanted turned 25 last w...


Anime Movie Festival

Editor’s Pick 7:00 PM $16 Seattle Cinerama

Ever had a desire try and understand anime but had no idea where to start? Let Cinerama's Anime Movie Festival be your guide. With eight days of programming,...

Food & Drink

Edible City: A Delicious Journey

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $20 Museum of History and Industry (MoHAI)

Tonight’s menu: a deep dive on Seattle food history in six courses. MOHAI’s Edible City takes patrons on a culinary journey by breaking down the elements of ...

Special Events

Cirque du Soleil: Luzia

Editor’s Pick 8:00 PM $29–$495 Marymoor Park

Two sides of the U.S. border artistically merge when French Canadian circus theater company Cirque du Soleil celebrates the vibrancy of Mexican culture via L...


Here Lies Love

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $88–$123 Seattle Repertory Theatre

Leave it to Talking Heads’ David Byrne and Fatboy Slim to hear the story of a party-loving Filipino dictator’s wife and think, this should be a musical. For ...

Murder for Two

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $59–$89 ACT Theatre

Comedic chaos reigns in the vaudevillian two-hander Murder for Two. The manic, madcap mystery finds one actor playing an officer who is investigating the mur...

The Secret Garden

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $29-$151 5th Avenue Theatre

In 1991, 11-year-old Daisy Eagan became the youngest-ever Tony winner for her portrayal of Mary Lennox in the musical version of The Secret Garden. More than...