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Monday, June 18, 2018


Double Exposure

10:00 AM $25 Seattle Art Museum

In a crossroads of indigenous representation, three Native artists—Marianne Nicolson, Tracy Rector, and Will Wilson—show their work alongside the images of E...

Culture and the Sea

10:00 AM Winston Wächter

Water is a perpetual source of awe for Seattle artist Deb Achak, whose latest series of photographs examines our connection to oceans and beaches. Colorfully...

Towards Impressionism

11:00 AM Free Frye Art Museum

Even the most casual art enthusiast can pick out a Monet: the swift brushstrokes, the dreamy landscapes. But such defining work didn’t come to fruition in a ...

Jini Dellaccio: Caught in the Act

12:00 PM Free Fantagraphics Books

In conjunction with the Georgetown Carnival, Fantagraphics opens its month-long exhibition of photographer Jini Dellaccio. Names like the Rolling Stones, the...

Special Events

Visit Understory

10:00 AM Free The Spheres

After years of planning and construction, Amazon’s unmistakable glass sphere–housed urban garden finally opens to the public. The first tour of the visiting ...


Until the Flood

7:30 PM $15–$85 ACT Theatre

In Until the Flood, Pulitzer Prize finalist Dael Orlandersmith explores the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, through a prism. The one-woman show...