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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Al Farrow: Divine Ammunition

Editor’s Pick 11:00 AM $12 Bellevue Arts Museum

In a world divided by religious differences, Al Farrow possesses an artistic arsenal capable of piercing our collective conscience. In Divine Ammunition, the...

Archipenko: A Modern Legacy

11:00 AM Free Frye Art Museum

Ukrainian-born sculptor Alexander Archipenko created works of art devoted to his interest in abstraction as a means of novelty. Archipenko: A Modern Legacy b...

Art Deco Glass from the Huchthausen Collection

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $15 Museum of Glass

Enjoy a tour back to the style moderne of the 1920s and 30s when devoted collector and artist David Huchthausen displays an assortment of art deco pieces fro...

Into the Deep

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $15 Museum of Glass

In its molten state, glass shares many properties with water. The Museum of Glass takes this idea to the next level with Into the Deep. The 55-piece exhibit ...

Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $20 Seattle Art Museum

Seattle painter Jacob Lawrence provided an essential African American artistic voice for the city between his arrival in 1971 and death in 2000. To mark the ...

Jennifer West: The FIlm Is Dead...

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $25 Seattle Art Museum

There’s beauty in the near obsolete. Los Angeles artist Jennifer West takes old 70-millimeter film and employs common items like bleach, coffee, and nail pol...

Jim Woodring: The Pig Went Down to the Harbor at Sunrise and Wept

Editor’s Pick 11:00 AM Free Frye Art Museum

Ever a peddler of the surreal oddities of the mind, Seattle illustrator and creator of the Frank comics series Jim Woodring employed a larger-than-life artis...

Kraft Duntz: Fun. No Fun.

Editor’s Pick 11:00 AM $10 Henry Art Gallery

The lower level of Henry Art Gallery transforms into an exploratory world of form and space when Seattle collective Kraft Duntz (woodworker Dan Webb, archite...

Linda MacNeil: Jewels of Glass

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $15 Museum of Glass

The fashionable creations Linda MacNeil crafts prove there’s more to beautiful jewelry than pricey stones. For four decades she’s been creating wearable work...

Seeing Nature: Landscape Masterpieces

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $25 Seattle Art Museum

If art history has proven one thing, it’s that the human eye never tires of natural beauty. Seattle Art Museum’s Seeing Nature showcases 39 influential Europ...

The Art of Rube Goldberg

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $25 Museum of Pop Culture

Because of the near-universal popularity of Rube Goldberg machines, which complete simple tasks via ludicrously complex chain reactions, many might not know ...

The Contact: Quilts of the Sierra Nevada by Ann Johnston

11:00 AM $12 Bellevue Arts Museum

When gazing at the Sierra Nevadas, one can dream of wrapping themselves up in all the warm natural beauty. Ann Johnston found a way to make that intangible i...

Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects

Editor’s Pick 11:00 AM $10 Henry Art Gallery

Bellingham's Chris E. Vargas's Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art is an "imaginary" museum. It's an idea of a museum that's always under construction, al...

Books & Talks

Chris Hayes

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $5 Town Hall Seattle



7:30 PM $15–$18 Chop Suey

Since first emerging in the L.A. music scene in 2015, electropop singer Elohim has worked hard to keep her identity shrouded in mystery, never revealing her ...

Seattle Fringe Festival

6:30 PM and 6:30 PM $10–$15 Eclectic Theater

Artists of all sorts play with the boundaries of the imagination at the annual Seattle Fringe Festival. Featuring 33 productions over nine days, the event br...


Seattle Jewish Film Festival

Editor’s Pick 6:30 PM $10–$20; festival pass $125–225 AMC Pacific Place 11

Over its 22-year history, the Seattle Jewish Film Festival has become a cultural touchstone for the local Semitic community. This year’s lineup might give yo...

Food & Drink

Edible City: A Delicious Journey

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $20 Museum of History and Industry (MoHAI)

Tonight’s menu: a deep dive on Seattle food history in six courses. MOHAI’s Edible City takes patrons on a culinary journey by breaking down the elements of ...


A Moveable Feast

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $90 Cafe Nordo's Culinarium

Ernest Hemingway’s memoir A Moveable Feast captured a detailed sense of what it was like to be a young, poor creative in 1920s Paris. It’s easy to get caught...

Dry Powder

$42 Seattle Repertory Theatre

Mamma Mia!

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $25–$90 Paramount Theatre

After a 14-year run on Broadway, the Abba jukebox musical Mamma Mia! says goodbye to its legion of adoring fans with a proper farewell tour. On the eve of he...

Murder for Two

Editor’s Pick 8:00 PM $59–$89 ACT Theatre

Comedic chaos reigns in the vaudevillian two-hander Murder for Two. The manic, madcap mystery finds one actor playing an officer who is investigating the mur...