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Friday, October 20, 2017


Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $24.95 Seattle Art Museum

Andrew Wyeth captured both the vastness and the ennui of the American landscape with a grace unrivaled in the twen- tieth century. Exemplified in his...

Beyond the Selfie

12:00 PM Free Gallery 110

Artist and University of Washington MFA graduate Susan Christensen uses bold shapes and imaginative color combinations in her pastel and oil portraits that t...


Editor’s Pick 12:00 PM Free King Street Station

The former home of Out of Sight returns this year as a year-round public art space provided by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture. This new slate of prog...


Editor’s Pick 12:00 PM Free Treason Gallery

The new post-graffiti group exhibition takes the art form off the alleyways, derelict walls, and underused buildings and showcases it in the gallery. The pre...

Cut Up/Cut Out

Editor’s Pick 11:00 AM $5 – $12, Members Free Bellevue Arts Museum

Cut Up/Cut Out

Hana Hamplová: Meditations on Paper

11:00 AM Free Frye Art Museum

Influential Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal's book Too Loud A Solitude—published in 1976 by an underground press in the communist Czech Republic —directly dealt ...

Humaira Abid: Searching for Home

11:00 AM $12 Bellevue Arts Museum

The Seattle-based Pakistani’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States features woodwork and miniature paintings that dive into the plight of women ...

Inside Out

12:00 PM Free Bonfire Gallery

In Gage Academy of Art cofounder Gary Faigin's exhibit, Inside Out, the natural and artificial clash in his surreal paintings riddled with symbolism. Through...

Manuel Álvarez Bravo: Mexico’s Poet of Light

11:00 AM Free Frye Art Museum

In the 1920s, after the Mexican Revolution ended, Manuel Alvarez Bravo picked up a camera without any formal training and began to document his homeland. Bra...

Mike Kelley: Day Is Done

11:00 AM Free Frye Art Museum

Multimedia artist Mike Kelley's feature-length musical Day Is Done showcases all the abnormalities in the folk performances and rituals considered a normal p...

Shawn Huckins: Athenaeum

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM Free Foster/White Gallery

The reverence of American mythology converges with contemporary internet jargon in this new exhibit by Shawn Huckins. Recreating by hand the classic American...

What We Treasure: Stories from Yesler Terrace

Editor’s Pick 12:00 PM Free Soil Art Gallery

Yesler Terrace, the public housing development built in 1941, was the first racially integrated community in the U.S. As it undergoes rapid transformation, a...

Zaria Forman: Antartica

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM Free Winston Wächter

After four weeks aboard an Antarctic expedition on the National Geographic Explorer, Zaria Forman had ice on the brain. She imbues her large photorealistic d...

Books & Talks

The Story with Nikkita Oliver

3:30 PM Free Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Singer, poet, activist, lawyer, educator, and Seattle mayor runner-up—Nikkita Oliver truly does it all. She participates in another iteration of the Story—an...


Whose Live Anyway?

Editor’s Pick 8:00 PM $32.50–$72.50 Moore Theatre

Drew Carey and the gang took improv comedy mainstream in the late ’90s with Whose Line Is it Anyway?, a TV game show where points famously don’t matter. Orig...



8:00 PM $20–$25 Velocity Dance Center

In January, choreographer Kate Wallich founded YC2, a platform for emerging dancers to receive studio time, training, and performance opportunities. Choreogr...


Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film

Editor’s Pick 10:00 AM $26–$31 Museum of Pop Culture

Like a red carpet event for the goblins, ghouls, and monsters of cinema, MoPop's spook-tacular exhibit offers face time with some real scary faces. Over 50 p...



Editor’s Pick 8:00 PM and 2:00 PM $39–$169 Paramount Theatre

Most Disney animated features come tailor made for Broadway treatment, all song and romance and spectacle. But 1992’s Aladdin especially so, thanks to a colo...

Evil Dead the Musical

Editor’s Pick 8:00 PM $14–$24 Renton Civic Theater

Ash and his chain-saw right hand crash onto the stage to ward off the army of the dead in front of a live audience, just in time for Halloween. The musical a...

Peggy Piacenza: The Event

8:00 PM $18 Base: Experimental Arts and Space

The dancer, performance artist, and Base Experimental Arts and Space cofounder Peggy Piacenza just celebrated her 50th birthday, and the The Event is the pro...

Pride and Prejudice

2:00 PM and 7:30 PM $16–$50 Seattle Repertory Theatre

Playwright Kate Hamill knows a thing or two about adapting Jane Austen to stage…with a twist. The New York Times called her version of Sense and Sensibility ...


8:00 PM and 2:00 PM $29–$101 5th Avenue Theatre

Set in turn-of-the-century New York City, Ragtime follows the seemingly disparate lives of a white upper class wife and mother, a Jewish Latvian immigrant st...


8:00 PM and 2:00 PM $15–$50 Taproot Theatre

Albert Einstein changed the world with his theory of relativity, making him one of the most famous minds in history. But there were parts of his life that re...

The Barber of Seville

Editor’s Pick 7:30 PM $59–$250 McCaw Hall

Even if you’re no opera head, you probably know Figaro’s aria. It’s the one with all the “la la la la las” and “Figaro Figaro Figaros.” The bighearted scound...