Behind the Scenes

How to Get “P” Off the Ceiling

It took a lot of work (and balloons) to make a clown take flight for our cover photo.

By Jane Sherman August 20, 2019 Published in the September 2019 issue of Seattle Met

Image: Jane Sherman

We wanted something unexpected for our first-ever party feature, and I knew Sizzle—the amazing balloon sculptor ("Sizzle the Clown Makes Joy Take Shape")—would be central to the design. Photographer Taylor Castle and I batted around ideas for the cover and landed on her being carried away by balloons…wearing balloons…drinking bubbles (OK that part came later).

Hair and makeup artist Lindsey Watkins brought out the pink extensions she’s had in her kit forever, awaiting the right project, and those glamtastic glitter lips. Photographer Jake Clifford assisted on the shoot, doing the heavy lifting—lucky for him balloons are pretty light. We might not have pulled it all off without the generosity of Lisa Dupar Catering who let us fill a tasting room with balloon animals (plus the jetpack, boom box, saxophone, and pizza slice) and occupy their loading docks for the cover shoot. Like a well-planned party it all went off without a hitch, unless you count the “P” on the ceiling.

Image: Jane Sherman

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