Mount Rainier hiding in the clouds as seen from Pinnacle Peak Saddle Trail in August 2018.

Image: Mac Holt

I’m several months in on this crazy new life as editor in chief of the magazine that’s been my professional home for nearly a decade. Some aspects of the day remain largely unchanged—same morning coffee stop, same colleagues who throw themselves daily into the business of unearthing what’s most compelling about our city. Same Slack, different day. Others feel like a learning curve steep as the trek to the top of Mount Rainier, which—oh, hey—just happens to be this month’s cover story ("The Secrets of Mount Rainier").

Senior editor Allison Williams spends many a weekend on the slopes of our favorite volcano and lives, genuinely, the outdoors life that informs these pages. I’m in constant awe of her deep and immediate knowledge of “parkitecture,” remote pizza destinations, and the finer points of heeding nature’s call at the highest of elevations.

While we’re on the topic of the forces that shaped our August issue, I’d also like to thank…

• The janky spellcheck system in our design software, for catching that the bar code on the cover of this issue originally read “Auugst 2019.” And managing editor Sarah Nipper, for deploying it faithfully.

• The Cherry Street Coffee House downstairs, for launching a mobile ordering app.

• Lynn Shelton for saying what we’re all thinking about the Where’d You Go, Bernadette trailer ("Film Director Lynn Shelton Will Always Pick Seattle Over Hollywood").

• Pretty much everyone on the editorial staff for rearranging offices during a recent remodel while simultaneously closing this issue.

• Bateau’s Justin Legaspi ("How Seattle's Rising Star Chefs Dream Up Dishes") for sending a manifesto’s worth of thoughtful annotations along with phone pics of his food. Your passion is why I love this annual feature.

Intern Philip for all the Thursday pastries from Fuji Bakery. You will rock that Outside magazine fellowship.

• Art director Jane Sherman for going to rigorous lengths to make sure we pictured the correct species of rare weasel-like mammal

• Bullet points. Without which I might never conclude this editor’s note.